Photoshoot Friday: Color

Surprise, a belated Photoshoot Friday! Pretend the weekend isn’t over yet… Angelababy is in a different season, vivid in summer dresses and bright green grass or bright turquoise; has Zhao Liying been watching Dad? Her photoshoot is very pink, and a childish cuteness. Bai Baihe favors red lips and pure colors, while Ni Ni is in for a more mist obscured set of colors. Fan Bingbing and Gao Yuanyuan might have come from the same photo shot, with solid background and color-blocked or largely monochromatic clothing; arguably, though, it’s Chen Kun, with his neon paint splashed photo shoot, that is the most eye catching. Look below the cut for more pictures!

01. Angelababy, more here.

02. Zhao Liying, more here.

03. Bai Baihe, more here.

04. Ni Ni

05. Fan Bingbing for Elle

06. Gao Yuanyuan, more here

07. Chen Kun, more here.

5 thoughts on “Photoshoot Friday: Color

  1. YAAAAY COLOR! My favorite is the 3rd pic of Ni Ni! I’m not sure what concept they were going for in that one pic of FBB with the green background. O_O

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