A mini story based on Long Ballad

Guo Shentong looks happy on her wedding Night; Liu Xiu seems to be unsure whether he bought everything on the grocery list Lihua gave him. 

While we pine away for a good period drama, we were bored and left to our own devices and simply couldn’t resist… making our own drama from the stills of  Realm of Love – The Long Ballad.

This story follows Wang Yuanke‘s Guo Shengtong, Ruby Lin‘s romantic rival,   with the Emperor  played by Yuan Hong.

And the morning after… “M’Lord, what’s wrong?  You look positively glum!”

“I did some research and found you on r/gonewild.”

“Damn you, Yin Lihua!  I don’t know how you did it but I know it was you, you conniving 8;+<#!!  And I was just starting to build karma too!!”

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