Where are we going? To the sea!

tiantian screensaver

Tiantian is so pretty,  a grandpa in this episode was  shocked to find out he was a boy.

Gorgeous and adorable  photos from the Jiming island of Shandong, where the “Where are we going? Dad” group had fun going crabbing, fishing, fixing a seagrass house for an elderly woman, and playing with elderly villagers whose children have left the village to work.

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Woman-who-runs-like-the-wind  on her way to see the flower boy.

tiantian dad
kimi stone
head ttkimi cindy
cindy fish

6 thoughts on “Where are we going? To the sea!

  1. I started watching this show and now I’m completely hooked!
    Cindy whispering to Zhang Liang that she liked male models is the funniest thing ever.

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