Modern dramas round-up

Round-up of recent modern series we haven’t had time to post on, including Love Shine, One Karat of Dreams, Little Daddy, Love on Tiptoe, Fiancée, and Best Time.

Cast: Kim Jeonghoon, Yao Di, Emma Pei Bei, Wu Diwen

Cast: Kim Jeonghoon, Yao Di, Emma Pei Bei, Wu Diwen

Love on Tiptoe  踮起脚尖吻到爱
Aspiring manager (Yao Di) finds a distraught former model (Kim) at her doorsteps, causing a string of events that shockingly ends in love. If nothing else, model Pei Bei is gorgeous here. The series airs 3 eps on weekdays and 2 eps on weekends.

Cast: Jiang Kaitong, Van Fan, Jones Xu Zhengxi, and Jessy Chiang.

Love Shine 爱闪亮
A typical Cinderella story of an aspiring fashion designer and a successful doctor, added with the twist that the main female character is a widow with a child, with a brother-in-law (Jones Xu) who seems to have fallen for the widow.  I would start with ep. 18 with the knowledge that her ex-husband died but she chose to give birth to the child, and everything’s more idol drama-ish after that. The series is currently airing 3 episodes on weekdays and  2 episodes on weekends.

Cast: Ma Sichun, Dennis Oh, Yuan Chengjie, Chen Yanfei

Fiancée 未婚妻 (complete)
For a drama that doesn’t have a male lead in the novel, the series tried really hard to make it an idol drama with the introduction of Dennis Oh. Soon after her boyfriend abandons her for another girl whom he’s impregnated , the main lead (Ma Sichun) finds out she’s with child. She decides to keep the child and raise her by herself. A few years later, her handsome boss, played by Dennis Oh, decides to woo her in spite of the child, while the child’s father, realizing he’s the father, comes back seeking her love and the child.

Cast: Wen Zhang, Ma Yichun, Wang Yaoqing, Zhang Zixuan

Little Daddy 小爸爸  (complete)
Actor Wen Zhang’s second directorial success features the actor as Hugo, a poor mechanic barely scraping by when one day, a little boy called Summer shows up claiming to be his son. Barely an adult himself, Hugo tries to get rid of the child, while the child’s uncle, Tyler, is determined to get rid of Hugo. Unfortunately for both of them, Summer wants his father and just won’t live. Added in the mix is airport receptionist Li Sanmei, who both Hugo and Tyler fall for.

Cast: Jiang Mengjie, Yao Yuanhao, Chi Shuai, Kan Qingzi, Li Mao

One Karat of Dreams 一克拉梦想  (complete)
Don’t hate me, but … another apiring fashion designer caught between her boss on his lover.  Poor Kan Qingzi plays the spoiled love rival once more, but now is a business spy who tries to seduce Chi Shuai while being engaged to Yao Yuanhao. Oh, there might be a lost heiress somewhere.  

Cast: Janine Zhang Junning, Wallace Chuang, Jia Nailiang

 Best Time 最美的时光
Last but probably the best of the bunch is  a remake of Tonghua (Bu Bu Jing Xin)’s first contemporary novel,  Best Time.  The series tells of the manager of an accounting firm (Janine Zhang Junning) who enters an investment firm as an entry level clerk to chase her happiness –  an older alum (Jia Nailiang) who she’s been in love with.  Unfortunately for her, she’s sent to work under the alum’s rival (Wallace Chung), who suspects she’s a spy and begins to stir up trouble and develop feelings for her. The series currently airs a 20-min episode per day on Hunan TV.

6 thoughts on “Modern dramas round-up

  1. Thanks a lot for the blurb on Fiancee. I’ve seen it while in Hongkong. I have been looking for an English version do you know where I can get at least one with English translation? I thought all the characters were really good. Yes, it was a bit melodramatic but then again it is a movie.

  2. Wow what is up with all of these c-dramas about fashion designers? O_O Anyways a lot of these dramas I haven’t even heard of until now! I heard about Fiancee though and admittedly, only cared about the casting of Dennis Oh (LOL) since the rest of the story sounds a bit too melodramatic for me. Do you know if Little Daddy 小爸爸 is good?

    • If you liked the last drama Wen Zhang produced, you’ll probably like this one. It’s quick-witted, although the overall plot can be draggy. I didn’t manage to finish it.

      I would probably recommend Best Time the most, and then Love Shine (Xu Zhengxi!!!). Still waiting to see how Love on Tiptoe turns out. Also recommend Return of the Heiress if you haven’t seen it. It’s been on top of Youku drama rankings since forever until Best Time came out.

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