Weibo Wednesday: December 4, 2013

陈晓: 我已经沦陷,小小龙女问我,你演谁啊,其实我演谁都不重要,我是来求合照的,Mua!

Chen Xiao fans, you officially have the right to be jealous. Here he is with child actress Zhang Zimu, who’s playing the little-girl version of Xiaolongnü in The Condor Heroes (神雕侠侣)… yet another of Yu Zheng’s added flashback plots. But she’s cute so I guess it’s okay. Plus Chen Xiao is already smitten with her.

I’ve already fallen into enemy hands. Little Xiaolongnü asked me, ‘Who are you playing?’ Actually it doesn’t matter who I’m playing, I’m here to ask to take a picture with her. Mua!

张馨予: 遇见美丽可爱的小小龙女,她问我今天是不是12岁,我点了点头。

Why is it the little kids who always get fawned over by celebrities? Viann Zhang Xinyu, who’s playing Xiaolongnü’s shijie Li Mochou, also seems quite taken with Zhang Zimu, although that didn’t stop her from taking advantage of the gal’s naivety.

I met the beautiful and cute little Xiaolongnü. She asked me if I was 12 years old. I nodded.

林更新: 雕塑已超出我能够理解的艺术范畴

As an apology for neglecting to include Lin Gengxin in last time’s round-up, have him studying some modern art. And by studying, we mean being baffled by.

Sculptures have already surpassed the art categories that I am capable of understanding.

陈翔橙: 感谢/时尚天水/栏目的热情邀请 终于要回家乡天水演出了 12月8我们不见不散。

Chen Xiang also tries to understand sculptures by walking in their shoes… literally. That, or he’s trying to become the Little Old Man Who Lived in a Shoe.

Thank you / Fashion Tianshui / and program for your cordial invitation. I can finally return to my hometown and perform in Tianshui. December 8, see you there.

Tian Li


idarklight just really likes the colors of this dress for The Princess of Orchid Hills (兰陵王妃) for actress Tian Li, who plays the mother of Gao Changju.

Thanks to all friends who supports and cares for me, let’s jiayou and work together.

白百何: 长时间在没有信号的地方拍戏…有信号就会不小心刷成微访谈. 我跟凯凯并不是在一起看流星雨……是在一起找信号

Bai Baihe, who’s currently filming an adaptation of Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio (聊齋之宅妖) with Kai Ko, shows us that even celebrities share the same struggles as we do, especially when it comes to cell phone reception.

We’ve been filming in an area with no signal for a long time… When there is signal, I will accidentally open Weibo Talk. Kai Kai and I aren’t watching meteor showers together at all… we’re looking for a signal together.

Amber Kuo Tiny Times

郭采洁:不能再让你们纠结猜测下去!so darling, I have to come back. 至少,在顾里生命消失前,在世界都将与她为敌之前,我要绝对的与她同行。看过小说的你,肯定不忍心即将在#小时代3#中肆虐的事,所以,你也回来吧!让顾里知道她还剩下什么//@郭敬明:生日王冠下的百褶裙回不来了,但骄傲的红底鞋还在;温暖的父爱港湾回不来了,但亲密无间的姐妹还在;玻璃花房里无忧无虑的生活回不来了,但风雪里奔跑的热血冲动还在。过去的时代回不来了,但闪耀的刺金时代,顾里还在。@郭采洁 还在。独一无二的女王,归来!【#小时代3#郭采洁回归】

Meanwhile, Kai Ko’s costar, Amber Kuo,  became the first one announce her return to Tiny Times 3.0. Come on, Kai Ko, will you be next?

I can’t let you guys to continue to guess! So darling, I have to come back. At least before Gu Li’s life disappears, before the world turns their back on her, I’ll walk with her. You who have read the books, will no doubt be saddened by her tales in Tiny Times 3.0 , so, you should come back, too! Let Gu Li know what she still have left. // @Guo Jingming: The plaited skirts under the birthday crown won’t be back, but the proud red shoes are still here; The warm harbor of fatherly love won’t be back, but the closest of friends are still here; The carefree life under the glass greenhouse won’t be back, but the hot-blooded that runs through snow storms will be back; The times that have gone past won’t be back, but in the glittering Time of piercing gold, Gu Li is still here. @Amber Kuo is still here. The one and only queen, will be back! 【#Tiny Times 3#Amber Kuo returns】

黄明hm: 当黄明遇上黄晓明!谢谢晓明哥今天的照顾和耐心,今天“赤裸”相见实在是羡慕你完美的身材,跟你合作更加坚定了我健身的决心!

Aw, this is so cute! Actors Huang Xiaoming and Huang Ming (who only have a one-character difference in their names) were recently at the gym together.

When Huang Ming meets Huang Xiaoming! Thank you Brother Xiaoming for your care and patience today. Seeing each other “naked” today made me envy your perfect body. Working with you has helped my resolve to work out!

杨幂: 自己的婚礼还没到,又在戏里结了一次婚,我觉着叶小春同学的另一半还挺帅的,是吧?哈哈!今天是感恩节,感恩有你,二在一起,爱在一起!希望所有的人都能在这一天跟爱的人在一起!#感恩有你#

If you think that’s Hawick Lau in the photo, look again. Yang Mi and Deng Chao recently filmed a wedding scene for their upcoming movie Breakup Guru (分手大师), which will be Deng Chao’s directorial debut. (His wife Sun Li will have a guest appearance.) Deng Chao joked that for Yang Mi and Hawick’s wedding photoshoot, they could just replace his head with Hawick’s using Photoshop, lol.

My own wedding hasn’t come yet, but I got married again on screen. I think Ye Xiaochun’s other half is pretty good-looking, right? Haha! Today is Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for you. Two together, love together! I hope that everyone can be together with their loved ones today. #Thankful for you#

大S: 感謝大家的祝福!我們一家有三口了!感恩〜

Speaking of weddings, it’s been just over three years since Barbie Hsu (Da S) got married to entrepreneur Wang Xiaofei. Since then, rumors have been flying about how she’s having difficulty getting pregnant and how her mother-in-law wants Wang Xiaofei to divorce her, blah blah blah. But on December 2nd, Da S posted a photo of herself on Weibo, confirming that she was indeed expecting. Congratulations to her and her husband!

Thank you everyone for your blessings! Our family will become three! Thankful~

王力宏: 火雞終於出爐了!

A happy belated Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it. Enjoy a photo of Wang Leehom, who spent the holiday with his family and newly married wife Lee Jinglei, with the turkey.

The turkey is finally out of the oven!

And speaking of Leehom and Jinglei…

A netizen who goes by the name of Horse-Lassoing Fellow (套马子的汉子_) posted an amusing spoof of the photo that Leehom posted when announcing his relationship with Jinglei. In the edited version, the two have turned into Tiantian (aka Zhang Yuexuan) and Cindy (aka Tian Yucheng) from the popular reality show, Where Are We Going? Dad (爸爸去哪儿). Accompanying the photo is a fake Weibo post from Tian Tian “announcing” his relationship with Cindy, using almost the exact words that Leehom used for his reveal.

We later get a post from Shitou (aka Guo Zirui), who posted a Li Yundi-esque message about his relationship with Angela (aka Wang Shiling), who’s in the Eating Department of Columbia University.

As for Kimi (aka Lin Jiarong), he’s left with his Ultraman Eggs, whatever those are.

Fu Xinbo Tiantian

付辛博:当然了。包子叔叔陪天天过生日哈。想死你了。〜[爱你][爱你][爱你] //@张悦轩:包子叔叔,你会给我过生日吗?[疑问][做鬼脸][太开心][亲亲]@付辛博//@罗麟:今天跟天天过家庭日,我问他:“你生日想邀请谁啊?”天天脱口而出:“我想包子叔叔和我一起过!”我问:“为什么啊?”天天说:“因为我前几天和包子叔叔通电话,我给他说他老拍戏不在北京,都好久没见他,必须见见了!”这小子,是真的想他包子叔叔了!@付辛博 @张悦轩

Meanwhile, Tiantian invites his favorite “Baozi (meat bun) Uncle” Fu Xinbo to his birthday party. Fu Xinbo later put up photos of him with TIantian and Cindy at his birthday party here.

Of course, Meat Bun Uncle will spend Tiantian’s birthday with him. I miss you so much. ~ @Zhang Ruixuan: Meat Bun Uncle, will you come to my birthday? @Fu Xinbo//@Luo Lin: Spent family day with Tiantian today, I asked him, “Who do you want to invite for your birthday?”” Tiantian immediately said:”I want Meat Bun Uncle to spend it with me!” I said why, and Tiantian said,” Because I called Meat Bun Uncle a couple of days ago, I told him he’s always filming and never in Beijing, and I haven’t seen him forever, I must see him!” This little squirt really misses his Meat Bun Uncle! @Fu Xinbo @Zhang Ruixuan

马天宇: 要参加 “儿子在哪儿”的节目去了~

And to round things off, have Ma Tianyu with a baby and an idea for a new father-child reality show.

I’m off to attend the show ‘Where Are You? Son’~

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  1. I totally thought that was Hawick Lau when I first saw that photo.
    Chen Xiao’s prettier than most of the female leads in that series…perfect example of 眉清目秀.

    • I thought so too, because Yang Mi’s message is obviously directed toward Hawick…right? xD I thought she had taken Deng Chao’s advice and Photoshopped Hawick’s face in, but apparently not lol.

  2. lol the ps of the kids <3 花美男女汉子couple
    Fu Xinbo and Tian Tian, the two flower boys

    I thought Barbie's due in May? She looks HUGE for a 3/4 month…

  3. yay, weibo wednesday!
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    and ma~ tian~ yu~
    so happy amber kuo will be back for tiny times…~ she was/is my favorite of the four

    • Glad you enjoy them, and thanks for the kind words! Feel free to let us know if there are any celebrities you’d like us to include. :)

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