Dancing Divas: Jiang Yingrong, Lisi Danni

eeMedia’s two dancing divas Jiang Yingrong and Lisi Danni collaborates for new dance track DV. These two ladies first appeared on stage together during Supergirl 2011, then again a year later Let’s Shake It (舞林大会) and the HNTV New Year Concert. Watch the MV below. The dancer version and promo posters are below the cut.

There’s a sina article compare these two to dancing divas of the past – such as A-Mei and Coco or Jolin and Elva. What do you guys think? Do you like it when people dub new artist with titles like “The Next XXX”?

5 thoughts on “Dancing Divas: Jiang Yingrong, Lisi Danni

  1. I really love their outfits in the poster, also love the MV. It’s probably the best fast song MV from eeMedia since Jiang Yingrong’s “Realize your beauty.”

    So is her last name Lisi? I always thought it was Li …

    • I guess her last name is Li since her “English” name is Danny Lee. But she’s Hui… idk what their last names are usually like. Probably one character too? Li Sidanni/Danny Li

      • her full name is Li Si Dan Ni 李斯丹妮 and her last name is Li. Si 斯 was given to her name by her grandfather who is Hui and wanted to stress out her Hui-muslim background as 斯 is a character found in Chinese word 穆斯林 which stands for Muslim.

  2. So are they separate artists but they collaborated for this song? :/

    Anyways omg I’m totally gonna get this song stuck in my head it’s so catchy. T__T Love those promo posters although I imagine that the dresses must be very uncomfortable to wear. O_O It looks like they are made of some metal material!

    • Jiang Yingrong is from Supergirls 09, she released her 3rd album/EP this year. Lisi Danni is from Supergirls 11, but doesn’t have any EP/album out.

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