Music Monday: November 12, 2013

O.M.G. let’s get this week’s Music Monday party started Party King (派对之王). The group is make up of L.E.D Duan Lian (段炼) and Tiger Zhu Chenyao (朱乘瑶). The guests for this party includes Girl groups Lotte Girls and Lunar, Boybands 0086 and HOPE, fierce female rapper Namigirl, and many more.

Lotte Girls (Tears) and their fellow label mate, boy band 0086 (BAHA), collaborates for a new single Disco. The last time these two groups collaborated was for a lunar new year single. Both groups are on tour, and are working hard on their respective albums.

After the success of AKB48’s Chinese counterpart SNH48, another similarly large group is also making a comeback. LUNAR is back with their third MV, which is for the new single Fighting (战歌). These 10 Shanghainese girls, scouted at the local cosplay café Luna, debuted at The 9th Annual ChinaJoy Convention. The group’s début single became official theme song for the convention the following year.

Where there’s a cute girl group there’s an even fluffier boy band to balance it out. X-Factor China S01 contestant HOPE make their “official” group début with the EP Dangerous Affair (恋爱危险). The EP includes the title single performed by the group as well as 3 individual singles from three of the members. The fourth, and eldest member, Liu Yutong (刘雨潼) did not seem to have participated in this EP. However, he recently released a solo single Not The Same (不一样) with an English alternative version titled Make You Mine.

NAMIGIRL, aka China’s first attempt in producing a mainstream female hiphop artist, released the MV to her second single Are You Afraid Yet? (怕了吗). Signed under KINGWANG WORLD (乘黄天际), Namigirl debuted with the single NLEADER earlier this year. I have high hopes for this girl =)

Not to be outdone, former professional aerobic athlete Yan Su (闫肃) released the MV of the title single MR.Night from his first album. The song itself is a decent dance track, but the MV is trying too hard.

But no one does hiphop like the trio that forms the group Civil War (南征北战). A lot of their songs were in movies, such as, this single My Heaven 我的天空 were used as the theme song to a coming-of-age movie Young Style (青春派) earlier this year.

Or maybe you prefer collaborative hiphop tracks, then Hola (噢啦) might be the track for you. Lao Mao (老貓) featuring Xiang Yixin (項一芯).

X-Factor China S01 champion Zeng Yiming (曾一鸣) returns with a new management company after the end of the show.

Jin Zhiwen (金志文) might be a new daddy, his son is about 6 months old, but he will Never Cry For Help (绝不呼救).

Post-90er Wu Danni (吴丹妮) is collaboratively managed by Fresh Music (新鲜音乐) and Pure Music (漂儿娱乐). Her debut single LOVE features Taiwanese web musician Chen Lingjiu (陈零九). This is one of those pick-me-up songs everyone should have on their ipod.

Another post-90er Ada Zhuang Xinyan (庄心妍), signed to Dedicated Music (致力音乐), want to tell you about all His Lies (他说的谎). The single is from her new album Always Thinking of Him (一直想着他).

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  1. I’m getting some Lexy vibes from Namigirl! It is nice to see a Chinese female rapper, I think she is actually the first one I’ve listened to. O_O

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