Zhou Xun for Marie Claire, new trailer for Red Sorghum

Produced by Zhang Xiaolong, who also created the now famous Legend of Zhen Huan, upcoming drama Red Sorghum has now released its first trailer. The drama stars Zhou Xun and, by the looks of the twelve-minute trailer, follows the plotline of Zhang Yimou’s movie. (The trailer does manage to reveal the main plot of what will be a forty episode drama into twelve minutes, so be warned.) Zhou Xun is twice the age her character is supposed to be in the beginning, but she still looks young enough that one begins to wonder if she’s been eating certain human organs. Zhu Yawen, who plays the father of her child and a laborer, should watch out.

Zhou Xun also recently featured in a pretty photo shoot for Marie Claire. These will have to do until high quality stills are released for the drama.

9 thoughts on “Zhou Xun for Marie Claire, new trailer for Red Sorghum

  1. Lol at the human organs… Is that the ref to those dumplings made of human placenta filling from some chinese movie?
    Trailer is gorgeous, Zhou Xun is gorgeous, I’m so excited!! I just watched the movie to prep for this, though the spoiler is abit blatant and complete haha :P

    • OMG… LOL!! Some people still eat those, you know? Apparently, human fetuses are good for you? I heard about a kid who’s mom fed him one and his entire face turned red soon after.

    • no, I was referring to how her character from Painted Skin ate human hearts to keep her skin in good condition~

  2. Oh and how old is her character supposed to be? I didn’t realize it until you pointed it out but yeah I suppose her character would be very young since she is going into an arranged marriage. I will have to keep it in mind.

    • yay, you got my reference xDD
      she’s 19 at the beginning, and judging by how old her son looks at the end, she won’t be 38 (her actual age…jk, 39 is) for quite a while.

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