“Condor Heroes” release stills for Dong Xuan,Yan Yikuan


Dong Xuan, Yan Yikuan goes to the Yule Ball.

While the leads of The Condor Heroes are getting all sorts of hate,  the rest of the cast still get pretty stills.  The latest set released are of name-changed Yan Yikuan as Wang Chongyang, the founder of the Quanzhen Sect,  and Dong Xuan as Lin Chaoyin,  the founder of the Ancient Tomb Sect of the main character XiaoLongNv.  The pair of star-crossed lovers has a rather beautiful love story, which you can read more about here.

Yan Kuan dingzhuang

Yes, that is a Casio watch he’s donning.

Dong Xuan dingzhuang
Dong Xuan
Yan Kuan

13 thoughts on ““Condor Heroes” release stills for Dong Xuan,Yan Yikuan

  1. I don’t know why but I think Yu Zheng has developed an unhealthy attachment to strips of cloth and ribbons draping from people’s hair pieces ever since “Legend of Lu Zhen”… They started with just a couple characters and have slowly expand to the point where almost every other person has them… O_O

    • the long strips have been seen on many early non- Yu Zheng productions. Angie Chu also had them in her hair in the white snake drama from the 80s or 90s.
      Might very well have been an authentic fashion statement of ancient times.

      I’m noticing the similarity to Chinese warrior hairstyles as worn by the men in the Hobbit and Thor movies. Chinese are definitely NOT copying them because these hair styles have been common since the old 1960’s Shaw Brother wuxia films.

      • I know… but Yu Zheng uses them in such excess… O_O

        Well… ancient hair styles in general for men tend to be very similar… There’s not much you can do with long hair when you are a guy without looking girly… XD

    • Of course Chinese people had watches during the Song Dynasty. Rolex was a originally a Chinese company dating back to the Ming Dynasty before it was taken over by the “foreign devils.” ;)

      Better stop while I’m ahead… -_-;;

    • Yikuan is more auspicious (??? reading baidu answers ^___^) Didn’t his girlfriend change her name too…?

      • Yeah, I think she changed hers too, but that was a while ago… I’m just a little baffled because I thought he was already a pretty established actor under the “Yan Kuan” name, lol.

        (Also ’cause when I saw the new name on Weibo, I was like, “Who is this and why am I following him…” xD)

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