“A Bite of China 2” releases poster!


Did you know the first series is available both subbed and dubbed?

China’s most anticipated sequel of 2014, A Bite of China 舌尖上的中国 2will air during Chinese New Year’s in 2014 on CCTV 9.  The  documentary series that explores the stories of nature, culture, and history through food continues artist Zhang Facai’s posters with a “farm fields scroll”, depicting  plants in a farm as characters written on bamboo scrolls.

The new season  will consist of seven episodes –  《Seasons 时节》 as in summer and not in salt、《Foot steps 脚步》、《Heart’s message 心传》、《Daily domestics 家常》、《Realm of Secrets 秘境》、《Encounters 相逢》 、《Three Meals 三餐》.

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