“Tiny Times 3.0” set for Summer 2014


Although you didn’t know it before, Tiny Times 3.0 is actually about  Hannibal the cannibal’s adventures in China.

Writer-director Guo Jingming recently announced on Weibo that productions for Tiny Times 3.0 will begin production in December, probably with the same cast. The film is set to be in theaters in Summer 2014.   One interesting note is that the subtitle is “Age of Piercing Gold,” the name of the third book, implying that this might be the end of a trilogy rather than a quadrilogy as previously thought since the second film is based on Tiny Times 1.5  rather than Tiny Times 2.0 the book.

Last year, when I first decided to be a director, I asked everyone:’After so many years, those of you who like Tiny Times, are you still here? Do you still love (it)?’ This year,I may have to ask once more. It’s because 《Tiny Times 3.0 : Age of Piercing Gold》 begins production in December. Next summer, let the future explode once more. #Tiny Times 3.0#, youth never departs.

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    • She’ll probably be done by then. I’m kind of half-guessing/hoping that only Jianxi will be out. It doesn’t make sense for the others to not return unless they have a really good deal elsewhere

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