Photoshoot Friday: Dark

See the rest of Jiang XIn’s photo shoot a few sets below the cut.

Who makes you want to buy jewelry from Bazaar more, Jiang Xin or Angelababy? Jiang Xin has some lovely photos in this set. She, like Tang Wei, is dressed in a somewhat vintage style; others, like Zhang Zilin, Zhang Ziyi, and Jing Tian deck out in long and sweeping dresses. Tong Liya looks like a lady, while Yang Mi wears a few more wedding dresses. Li Fei’er goes for a more sultry look, while the only male Wei Chen looks like a member of the Lost Generation (to me).

There are plenty of black and white photos in this set, but there are also several ones in color. Look below the cut to see! 01. Zhang Zilin, more here.

02. Tong Liya, more here.

Yang Mi

03. Li Fei’er, more here.

04. Jing Tian, more here.

Jiang Xin

05. Wei Chen, more here.

06. Xia Zitong photo 704_1159338_272678_zps97708dc2.jpg

Tang Wei, more here.

Zhang Ziyi
 photo 704_1142531_272871_zps39b49b80.jpg
 photo 704_1142526_219500_zps070a8b6c.jpg

3 thoughts on “Photoshoot Friday: Dark

  1. asdkfjaslgkj JIANG XIN = GIRL CRUSH so gorgeous I cant
    (not that no one here is anything but gorgeous… but Jiang Xin is very very effortlessly sexy)

  2. Wow photoshoots galore in this photoshoot-Friday!!!!!!! I like the elegance in these shoots. For Jiang Xin’s my favorite is of the one of her putting on lipstick. Zhang Ziyi tends to have this very distinct feel to her I don’t know how to describe it.

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