The Prince of Lanling promotes in Taiwan

Looking like a scholar even at the airport?

The Prince of Lanling commands you to watch him at once, even if he still looks more like a scholar on his visit to Taiwan. 

The Prince of Lanling, starring Feng Shaofeng, Ariel Lin, and Daniel Chan has been arguably one of the most successful dramas in this period-dry year.  While almost everybody has seen it by now thanks to the internet, Feng Shaofeng has come to Taiwan to promote and ensure the craze continues to burn.

The series, co-produced by Feng Shaofeng and SETTV’s Chen Yushan of formerly SETTV, is one of a number of mainland dramas, including New My Fair Princess and Chinese Paladin 3,  that have successfully  promoted in Taiwan since loosening of Taiwan’s restrictions on mainland entertainers. Yay for collaboration!

No visit to Taiwan is complete without a visit to Zhang Xiaoyan’s SS Night of the Swallow , where Feng Shaofeng talks about why he chose the series despite having successfully gone over to film,  and and Dee Hsu’s  Kang Xi Lai Le , where Feng Shaofeng awkwardly hugs a lot of fans, including Dee Hsu’s cousin. Also watch Feng Shaofeng’s interview for Vogue Taiwan here.

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