Photoshoot Friday: Light

As an apology for the recently sporadic appearances of Photoshoot Friday, have a double edition this week. Decked out in, or against white, which one of these celebs has your favorite photo shoot? Angelababy is comfy in simple white, while Jiang Xin‘s setting is more dressy. Li Xiaolu enters the scene with more color, while Yao Chen and Daniel Wu tango (?) in black and white. Hai Lu is sweet as she studies, while Christy Chung goes for a more glamorous look. Look below the cut for more pictures. 

01. Jiang Xin, more here.

02. Li Xiaolu, more here.

03. Angelababy, more here.

04. Yao Chen and Daniel Wu

06. Hai Lu, more here.

07. Christy Chung, more here.

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