Weibo Wednesday: November 20, 2013

Apologies for the lack of normal Weibo Wednesdays in the past… month. If I could spend more time each day scrolling through Weibo for memorable posts, I definitely would, but unfortunately, that’s not what I get paid to do! But we do have a deluge of goodies from the past month, so full speed ahead!

井柏然: 我想和你好好的.必须得看阿2ni@倪妮V

Jing Boran showed his support for real-life couple Feng Shaofeng and Ni Ni‘s first feature film together, Love Will Tear Us Apart (我想和你好好的), calling it a must-watch. Jing Boran and Ni Ni will soon star together in Up in the Wind (等风来), a film about two unlikely friends’ search for happiness, which eventually leads them to Nepal. Up in the Wind opens in theaters on December 29th. Forever LOLing at the person trying to sneak a pic of Ni Ni with their Minion phone in this photo below.

倪妮V: 嘿,小黄人 内谁是王灿附体了吗 @井柏然

By the way, if you’re wondering, Jing Boran is still single… or so he says, as he is hugged by a giant bear plushie on Singles’ Day (November 11th).

井柏然: 光棍节快乐!单着挺好的.自在啊!

Happy Singles’ Day! It’s pretty good to be single. Free!

溫昇豪James: 早就想把自己嫁掉了

And for all those happy couples who might have marriage on the mind, James Wen reminds them that he’ll make a beautiful bridesmaid… or something. (He actually got married to his longtime girlfriend earlier this year, so he’s unavailable for bride/groom duties.)

I’ve long wanted to marry myself off.

Top Combine’s Liu Zhoucheng looks dapper as he plays the piano. He and his fellow TC members are currently filming a romcom movie, whose title translates to something like The Hope of a Lucky Star In Love (爱情幸运星之打望). Xiao Mei will have his first onscreen kiss, which he’ll share with actress Sun Wenting.

Thinking of you

He’s probably thinking of Ma Xueyang…

王力宏: 在飛機上巧遇舞蹈大師-許芳宜,看看我們T恤是不是太有默契了吧!

I bet you’ve never bumped into Wang Leehom on the plane! Here he is with Fang-Yi Sheu, a Taiwanese dancer and founder of LAFA & Artists Dance Company. Her T-shirt reads “I ♥ NY,” whereas his says the same thing, except in Chinese.

Bumped into dance master Fang-Yi Sheu on the plane. Look at our T-shirts — we sure are in cahoots, huh!

陈晓: 不错,章鱼怪就是我!

AHHHH Chen Xiao suddenly sprouted two extra arms!!! Oh, okay, one of them is definitely a prop for The Condor Heroes (神雕侠侣), since Yang Guo does get his arm chopped off. As for the other arm… I don’t even know.

That’s right, the octopus monster is me!

刘亦菲: [晕]

Some more weirdness: Crystal Liu Yifei in a really weird sleeping position. Perhaps she is channeling her inner Little Dragon Girl (whom she played in the 2006 version of Return of the Condor Heroes).

胡歌: 九年了 不容易 感谢你们的不离不弃 感谢许多 陈文婧 hana 不论世界如何变幻 我们还是我们 (特别的日子 总要来点特别的)

Hu Ge rivals Ma Tianyu for prettiest female-who-is-actually-a-male, as he celebrates the ninth anniversary of, his official website. (The Chinese name for is 古月哥欠 — basically Hu Ge’s Chinese name split into four characters. Cute, huh?)

It’s been nine years. It hasn’t been easy. Thank you all for never leaving me. Many thanks to Chen Wenjing and Hana. No matter how the world changes, we are still us. (It’s a special day, so I have to do something special)

戴君竹: 這3個古裝人等戲等到無聊了,穿越到現代小賣部買東西去了

While on the set of Realm of Love: Long Ballad (秀丽江山之长歌行), Queenie Tai, Wu Jinyan, and Shen Jianing show us that Han Dynasty women changed not only the colors they wore according to the seasons but the type of Pocky they ate as well.

These three period-costume people were so bored while waiting for their scenes that they time-traveled to modern times and bought stuff at the snack counter

葛其健: 今天早上刚醒,就有许多小伙伴问我老板今天心情如何。放心吧,没有哭湿棉被。秀儿正常开工中,如图一样得心情祝福今天两对好朋友 豆子们你们着急么?

Aaand their emperor is busy acting like a dork, photo courtesy of Yuan Hong‘s assistant Ge Qijian. This was posted about nine hours after Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi announced that they were dating, a revelation that crushed many HongShi fans but that seems to have thrilled Yuan Hong himself, who is good friends with both Nicky and Shishi.

Just after I woke up this morning, many of my companions asked me how my boss was doing. Don’t worry, he didn’t make his blanket with all his tears. Xiu’er [endearing name for Yuan Hong’s character in Long Ballad] is beginning work as usual, blessing his two good friends today with the mood you see in the photo. Beans [Yuan Hong’s fans], what are you worried about?

韩栋: 皇上被劫,速去营救!

And to end things with a bang, have Han Dong hopping on a motorcycle while filming the newest adaptation of Duke of Mount Deer (鹿鼎记). It seems like Wang Luodan‘s Wei Zifu has competition! Whoever wins this motorcycle race gets supremacy and leadership of the Ancient Chinese motorcycle gang world.

The emperor has been seized, going quickly to the rescue!

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