Ni Ni in new photo shoots for Zhi Nan and Marie Claire

(Heisui! I hope you like this set~)

From regal evening gowns to a glittery slip more suited for a wood nymph, Ni Ni once again reminds us of her versatility in these recent photo shoots. She will be working with Jing Boran in her latest movie, Up in the Wind.

Look below the cut for more pictures! 

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4 thoughts on “Ni Ni in new photo shoots for Zhi Nan and Marie Claire

  1. AHAHAHA JJ THANKS FOR THE SHOUTOUT. AHAHAHAHA THAT MADE MY DAY. I looked at the first pic and of course went all speechless and OAWEIJAOLGJA ready to comment about it and then I look at the caption and see my name! :P

    These pics are gorgeous but I think the featured/first one is actually my favorite.

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