Music Monday: November 18, 2013

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

This weeks Music Monday features 3:50 minutes of carefree fun with Love Band, imagine what it’s like to meet your true love with Cao Yin, admire someone’s side profile with Du Yupeng, animation of life with Huang Zhen and Zhang Xinyi, serenade to your beloved with Liu Xin x2, parachute with Wang Yuexin, rip paper with Qing Xin, self praise with Yan Su, be a chick magnet with Yi Xin.

Actress Dong Xuan 董璇 celebrates the tenth year anniversary of her fan club Whirlwind 璇風 (Xuan Feng), with a few lucky fans in this MV titled Ten Years. Currently, the actress is filming Heroes and Heroines of Shanghai and The Condor Heroes.

Ai (Love) Band 爱乐团 wants to bring you back to a more Carefree Era 无忧时代 in this MV. Time passes quickly, there are more and more distractions and attractions, but old memories doesn’t fade. Can we still go back to those carefree times?

The Voice of China Season 1 contestant Cao Yin 曹寅 released his début album One Man One City 一个人一座城 after signing to Huay Yin Ding Tian Music 华音鼎天 earlier this year. This single If You Could Meet Her 若是你能遇见她 is part of the first batch of promotional singles off of the new album.

Is there such a thing as acoustic rap? Because I think Side Profile 侧脸 might be it. Du Yupeng 杜侑澎 released his début EP That Summer Smile 那笑容是夏天的 back in 2009, now he’s back with a new album Follow Heart On Long Road 心随路远.

This animated MV for Treasured 如此珍惜, performed by Huang Zhen 黄征 and actress Zhang Xinyi 张歆艺, describes the treasured memories and shared experiences in a relationship. Zhang Xinyi is currently filming Honeymoon City / Metropolis Sweetheart 甜蜜都市, a modern romantic comedy featuring SJM’s Henry Lau.

Soon after finding a new version of himself, Liu Xin 刘心 (with the heart) want to tell you about his Most Beloved 最爱.

The other Liu Xin 刘忻 (with the luck) under eeMedia also released a similar titled song My Beloved 亲爱的. The MV features an awkwardly girly Liu Xin is a really bad wig and the adorable bunny known as Chen Xiao, who’s set to star in Yu Zheng’s remake of The Return of The Condor Heroes.

Following his “girlfriend” Wang Yuexin 王栎鑫 released the MV to the title song from his third and new album Parachute 降落伞. This video is via his supposed official youtube page, but the English summary of the MV sounds like it’s copy and pasted from google translate -_-;

Eighteen year old Qing Xin 晴昕 signed as a singer last year, at the age of 17. Now only a year later she is all grown up and singing about heartbreak and taking off her high heels and mopping around in an empty room full of ripped up papers… in this MV for Heart Magic 心魔.

Yan Su 闫肃 brings a little variety to this week’s music Monday with this hip-hop dance track Jue Di Fan Ji 绝地反击 (yea, I have no idea how to translate this title) from his new album Mr.Night.

Like I said, Yang Jin 杨谨 is my new guilty pleasure.

What can I really say about a song titled Chick Magnet 拽美眉 (lit. Pull Young Beauties)…? But I get the feeling that this cheesy MV/song from Yi Xin 易欣 is trying to recreate the Murong Xiaoxiao effect.

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