Five Tones of Seven Sense

Zhong Guo Feng girl group Seven Sense continues their praise and reverence for Tang scholars in this new single Five Tones 宫商角徵羽*. This new single incorporated Peking Opera, an important but fading part of the Chinese artistic heritage. Like their previous single, the lyrics draws its inspiration from Chinese idiom and Classic Poetry. The best part of the lyric is that it’s written by the youngest member Liu Muzi (21).

Watch the performance version of the song below.

Performance starts at 8:30

* 宫(gōng) 商(shāng) 角(jué) 徵(zhǐ) 羽(yǔ) represents the musical notes do, re, mi, sol, and la . The use of 宫商角徵羽 as sound representation first appeared during the Spring and Autumn Period.

4 thoughts on “Five Tones of Seven Sense

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    i really love Seven Sense!! although i may not understand at all… i really do enjoy them. love that they still keep to the traditional sound of chinese music, yet add in a flair of modern. really hope they continue to rise and still stay within the same music sound. =]

    • They’re trying too hard to be both modern and mantain ‘zhong guo feng’. They also need better stylists. You don’t need to be wearing qipao-ish things, their song shows their musical direction perfectly

      • Agree, the songs are also very generic sounding. Which i think is a problem with the entire chinese music industry currently.

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