Orchid Hills welcomes another prince in “Princess of Orchid Hills”

"Who's prettier, me or Feng Shaofeng?"  "You look the same with your mask on."

“Who’s prettier, me or Feng Shaofeng?” “I can’t tell, but his mask is much scarier.”

The land of Lanling seems to have become a new hotspot as The Princess of Lanling 兰陵王妃, a second series on the beautiful Prince of Lanling begins filming.
The good news is, lead Andy Chen Yi is more of the pretty type than “beautiful sister” Feng Shaofeng.  The main actress stars the equally baby-faced and adequately named Baby Zhang Hanyun, who is still only 24 despite having been shot to fame through Super Girls 10 years ago.  This series was approved about the same time as the other version and is based on the internet novel Royal Princess of Orchid Hills 兰陵皇妃.

More stills below the cut.

25 thoughts on “Orchid Hills welcomes another prince in “Princess of Orchid Hills”

  1. Wow I was waiting (and hoping) you guys posting this news so I have a place spazzing.
    This guy fit much better than Feng ShaoFeng to portrait LanLingWang, but I’m a little confused, from the title the main girl is supposed to be the wife of LanLingWang but it seems the male lead here is YuWen Yong…and in Baike baidu the girl is introduced as YuWen Yong’s future Queen… I didn’t read the book so someone that have can enlighten me please?

    • Lanling Wang isn’t suppose to look like a general. He’s suppose to look pretty and “weak.” That’s why he has to wear a mask to make his enemies take him more seriously :)

  2. So how will this be different from the other LLW? :/ I mean, from the title it sounds like it will be more about the princess but…..O_O Will there not be the ‘heavenly maiden’ storyline?

    Anyways the stills look pretty and the lead does look more suitable for the role of LLW than FSF was. FSF was too manly looking!

        • I’m pretty sure Feng Shaofeng’s version actually has pretty high production values since its supporting leads are probably as expensive as this drama’s leads.
          This one just happen to have a better photographer, and slightly better costume designer, although not that much better.

            • Aww, I feel like all of Ariel Lin’s clothes in the photos jjss08 put up here (minus the last one and the popped collar) are alright.
              I would categorize the costumes of both dramas under the ancient “taobao” style, where there’s “cute additions” to traditional patterns that makes the clothes look more tacky than pretty.

              • I have a thing against frills and craft store ribbon aisle fringes and embellishments… and lace… and cloth patterns that look like they came from craft stores…. going into period dramas… so lots of the costumes in LLW rubbed me the wrong way DX

                It looks like there’s less of that here but I have to agree with you in that the tackiness lives on in a different form. I mean… there’s noticeable embroidery on the costumes here which seems more realistic but… meh..

                It looks like they’re filming at the “mini Three Kingdoms palace” in Wuxi so we probably can’t expect Hengdian style distance shots. Are they done filming with this yet?

                  • That is true. Mu Yi Tian Xia had pretty lakes and stuff and was beautiful in its own way. The garden scenes were definitely prettier but we have to admit that Hengdian has got the grandeur and sweeping, wide areas down. Wuxi simply doesn’t have the huge squares and alleyways built yet. It’s a shame that it goes underused or used only for smaller or less well-known productions because of it. :(

    • I think the “heavenly maiden” plotline is unique to that specific drama. The most popular internet novel based on him actually has him as a crossdressing female who falls for another general.
      Historically, the only thing we know about his love life is that at one point, he was given twenty concubines by the Emperor, but he only took one of them.

      • Yeah I figured the ‘heavenly maiden’ part was just made up for the LLW drama. >_< I will be glad if it is not included in this new drama version.

  3. I feel like Baby Zhang haven’t been doing anything since Super Girl, but then all of a sudden she’s doing everything this year, from movie to tv to music.

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