Wedding dress photoshoots from Yang Mi

 Note: As far as I know, these dresses are just what Yang Mi wore to her photo shoots, not her actual dress. 

Yang Mi and Hawick Lau have yet to hold their formal wedding ceremony (although they’ve already tied the knot), but we’ve already seen Yang Mi in wedding gowns several times. Take her recent photo shoot with Marie Claire, where she smiles in girlish lace, or an older one where she reminds us why she’s the Chinese Audrey Hepburn for Cosmo Bride. You can also take a look at the set she wore for a Photoshoot Friday: Bridal edition. Which dress is your favorite? I’m looking forward to seeing what her actual one will be like.

We’re not missing pictures of her with her man, either! Does the picture below ring any bells?

Hawick and Yang Mi first met on the set of Ruyi, where they played the two leads.

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  1. I feel like the pics with the blue background just washed her out. I like the dress in the pic where she is standing in front of lots of wedding dresses..and also the last pic too!

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