Zhang Liang, Zhang Zhiyuan for 《iLook: Gay China》

Don’t say I didn’t warn you, but you may  not want to  watch the video or continue on to the photoshoot if your screen is in public view.

Models Zhang Liang and Zhang Zhiyuan pose in a darkroom-themed shoot for iLook’s special Gay China edition by guest editor and designer Xander Zhou. HQ photos published by the magazine below  the cut, and more suggestive photos here.

Video of the porn shoot of China’s favorite father:

How Angela and I feel about Zhang Liang at this point:


Dad: “Who do you like the most?” Angela:”I like Zhang Liang” *fangirl giggle*

7 thoughts on “Zhang Liang, Zhang Zhiyuan for 《iLook: Gay China》

  1. This is tame compared to the omnipresent pics on Chinese websites of half naked Chinese females and entertainers, which barely has anymore shock value. Is there some double standard for males?

    • Are you talking about the warning? because that was because I feel like the mood of the video has very overt sexual overtones and if somebody were to glance it over your back, they might think it’s porn, which you might not want people think you’re watching …

      Also, I’m pretty sure this photoshoot is more unique because it is a homosexual-themed shoots by a major magazine, iLook, which is rare in any country.

    • The video itself has to be clean enough for YouTube (or Youku, as it were)… but you can see at least one full frontal photo in the video, which is probably more than you’d find for a female counterpart to this.
      Really, though, if you wanted to find pictures of near-naked, D-list, “male” Chinese models on the Internet, I doubt you would have a hard time doing so.

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