Vroooom-tuous Queen of Han

Contrary to popular belief, new findings are suggesting that the Han Dynasty was actually able to throw off the Xiongnu through discovery of the motorcycle, courtesy of Wei Zifu… and all those cars in the background as well…

Upcoming Hong Kong-Mainland co-production Virtuous Queen of Han, starring Raymond Lam, the recently engaged Wang Luodan, Jones Xu Zhengxi, etc., has been unleashing a steady stream of outrageous photos.  Who knew we could have so much fun in the Han Dynasty?!?

The project features Producer Mui Siuching from TVB’s Beyond the Realm of Conscience.  As with that production, strong story will probably be present but the main character may come off a bit too “Virtuous.”

More pictures below the cut.

Maybe they won’t notice me trying to sneak out with this gauze in front of my face… but on second thought, I had to pick the windy day?!?

You know, typical daily tea parties between the rivals.  It’s a palace thing.

Your Majesty.  You are SO behind the times.  Don’t you know that duck-face is the new HAWT?!?

I placed my hopes of gaining favor from the emperor on THAT?!? – Chen Jiao (?)

12 thoughts on “Vroooom-tuous Queen of Han

  1. Sometimes it seems like I’m watching a Chinese costume drama when viewing some Korean epics. The fashions are exact replicas of Chinese Han style. Yet Koreans are going to say Chinese are copying them.

    • Yeah… well… to be nice and lenient there was a lot of cultural sharing… I mean you can’t be an utter and shameless @$$ just because you come from a certain culture and ethnic group… but if anybody is going to INSIST about who copied who and beat you over the head about it… it really gets annoying and makes you wonder what you were being nice for to begin with… >.<

      I wouldn't go so far as "exact" replicas since there is some Korean-ification of the costumes if you look closely… But Koreans WERE famous in history for being influenced by fashion trends in China… at least up until the Ming Dynasty…

      If you really want a dose of historical accuracy head-desk and identity-thumping, you should give Empress Ki a try… at least what's out so far… the identity-thumping isn't that bad but they're filming at Hengdian's Forbidden City to portray the grandeur of China. It's kinda interesting because the costuming for the "Yuan Dynasty" is modeled in this sort of lame-attempt-at-looking-Mongolian/How-Koreans-See-Chinese-clothing manner so very interesting from a social and society perspective. Just to give you a look into the "historical accuracy," some Korean productions in the past have attempted (emphasis on ATTEMPTED) speaking Chinese for Chinese characters. They just decided to give up altogether for this one… LOL

    • Dunno… I guess the production has a thing for that style… despite it being kinda historically inaccurate… The Empress has it too… But there’s that Korean drama coming out now called “Empress Ki” which is warping the Yuan Dynasty and we’re stealing their hair here… so I guess we can call it even…?

  2. Not sure if it’s just the photo-shopping or lighting and angling of the picture but mis-matching earrings on Chen Jiao…?

    • I’m pretty sure that the last picture is not of Chen Jiao. I think that’s the emperor’s sister…

      • See… that’s what I thought at first too… dunno how the “Chen Jiao” tag got added… probably an accident or since they are both sporting similar hair styles in the pictures… but I just assumed after seeing the tag (for some reason) that that was the actress’s name… I just now actually looked it up after seeing your comment… LOL!!

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