Weibo Wednesday: Relationships Edition

In addition to the three pairs mentioned before, also joining the relationship train are official acknowledgments of relationships for Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han, Jiang Xin and Ye Zuxin, Qiao Zhenyu, and Wang Luodan.

张翰: 小怪物回家啦乐得

Zhang Han finally posts a photo of him and Zheng Shuang together after their Meteor Shower days, showing the two of them visiting Disney World together. Although… you can’t really tell that they’re at Disney World. They could be at a random park, for all we know. At least get Mickey in the background next time, kiddos.

Finally going home, little monster! ;b So happy!  :D :D :D


Jiang Xin and Ye Zuxin‘s relationship was a bit like HanShuang, where neither denied it and it was obvious, but I think this is the first time they openly admitted it and/or put a photo up.

Ye Zuxin:You forgot to @Ye Zuxin! <3 // @Jiang Xin: You are the sun that brought me out of the cloudy darkness, I’m lucky you were there! You are the cloud under the sunlight that carried me to flight, I’m happy you’re so colorful! You’re the bright moon that gave me light in the darkness, I’m happy you can represent my heart! On a special day we met, on a special day we knew each other, in the future we will support each other … … the most happy thing in the world is: the person you love also deeply loves you …


Meanwhile on Singles’ Day (November 11th), Qiao Zhenyu wrote a Weibo indicating that he’s no longer single, though no word on who the lucky girl is. He also confirmed in an interview that he’s currently dating and plans to get married.

Holding your hands like this, thank you for letting me be no longer single.

Fans, friends, and costars have been pouring in messages of congratulations and support ever since Bu Bu Jing Xin (步步惊心) costars Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi went public with their relationship. As always, some people think they’re just hamming it up for their two upcoming collaborations, but who cares when OMG the Fourth Prince/Ruoxi ship is true!

陈翔橙: 凑热闹是我的强项 祝福 @吴奇隆TD @刘诗诗 幸福快乐 前世今生这词 我得好好研究研究了 四爷真的来到了若曦的世界

Chen Xiang, their fellow cast member from Bu Bu Jing Qing (步步惊情), posted this adorable photo of them on Weibo.

Joining in on the fun is my specialty. Wish happiness @Nicky Wu @Liu Shishi. The phrase “past generations and this life,” I’ll have to study it carefully. Fourth Prince really came to Ruoxi’s world.

Yuan Hong, who played Thirteenth Prince (Fourth Prince’s closest half-brother) in BBJX and is a good friend of Liu Shishi in real life, also showed his support with an extremely sweet message, where he mixes Shishi’s name with that of her character, Maertai Ruoxi.

Unrelated to any petty talk, only here for my close friend Liuertai Ruoxi and my dearest Fourth Brother. But I’ve been confused for a while — am I considered part of the bride’s side of the family, or the groom’s side of the family? So, you two be happy, I’m now considered part of the family.

Yuan Hong follows by convincing Wang Luodan to reveal that she’s engaged. She later deleted the post, but Yuan Hong the forever good friend made no signs of giving in.

Yuan Hong: I heard if we get 7 pairs of heterosexuals we can call forth the Eternal Dragon ~ Then … I heard we’ve also engaged, @Wang Luodan, right? People’s already taken screenshots so what’s to hide? (I’m calling the dragon at the risk of being blacklisted by @Kong Ergou and breaking the hearts of @Hu Ge!)

Photos from  Tiantian’s Godfather, Tiantian’s “bro”,  Tiantian’s mom, and Tiantian’s father-in-law Tian Liang.

Not dating, but China’s youngest ship to top Weibo charts, Cindy Tian Yucheng and Zhang Tiantian, celebrated Tiantian’s birthday yesterday. The recently married Hawick Lau also mentioned that he wants a kid after watching Where Are We Going, Dad? and that his favorite kid is Cindy.

Tian Liang: This afternoon, Cindy called her old man and said she’s going to a very important event tonight and is super happy and all mysterious about it. Hum, she’s just being mean to me for not being able to go to Tiantian’s birthday party. Baby Tiantian, Happy Birthday! Uncle broke our Zhang Xiaoma , I’ve sent my family to get a new one to you!

And last but not least… Happy 36th birthday to Huang Xiaoming (who is not in an open relationship!). During his birthday celebration, he donned this…very unique apron while preparing salad for his fans.

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  1. Ahhhh!! Been shipping them for years since Meteor Shower~ does anybody have any news on the Meteor Shower 3 rumor?

    • I didn’t want to put it up since he didn’t announce it, although their photos are very similar. …

      I think netizens are a bit confused. Shouldn’t Yuan Hong be more upset that 4th abandoned him for her? 8th should be more upset that 14th abandoned him for Zhou Dongyu XD

      Also there’s a funny pun about the princes on the theme song of “Where are we going? Dad” :

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