Married: Yang Mi, Hawick Lau

Finally admitting that Liu Shishi is taken, Yang Mi accepts Hawick Lau's proposal.

Finally admitting that Liu Shishi is taken, Yang Mi accepts Hawick Lau’s proposal.

Actress Yang Mi and actor Hawick Lau announced their marriage on Sina Weibo today, with Yang Mi showing off their rings. According to Phoenix, the pair have already officially registered, and will hold their  wedding on Jan 8th, 2014.

What’s with this week and celebrities announcing relationship advancements!   Anyways, congrats and best of luck to all the couples!

Hawick Lau: “Hold thy hands and grow old with thee.” I can finally understand the beauty of this sentence;  just want to say, in the future, let us walk the paths of life together; if you’re tired, come near and I’ll carry you on my back slowly. Thank you for willing to give your hand to me! Thank our parents for placing infinite trust in me! Thanks for everyone’s blessings! 2014, Jan. 08, on this special day we’ll hold our wedding. The little sprouts have finally grown up // Yang Mi: Things are like this ~ Everyone can bless us now~ haha @Hawick Lau

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  1. Congrats to them!:) And they do already have a marriage photo with Tang yan and another boy in it. The thing I don’t quite get is in a news it said Yang mi gave Tang yan her flowers and wished her happiness finding her half but what about Liu shi shi, aren’t thy best friend, I am not sure. But tang yan and yang mi was both pretty at the wedding:)!

    • Yang Mi and Hawick wanted a low-key wedding ceremony, plus a lot of their industry friends are busy filming, so Tang Yan was the only entertainment-industry guest who was invited. All the other guests were family, relatives, or non-industry friends. But Yang Mi and Hawick will likely hold a private dinner for their industry friends.

  2. WELL that was fast. Congratulations to them! ^^
    Hopefully LiuShiShi and Nicky Wu will also turn out like them, defying all the odds because of the large age gap :D

    • I think this is their first announcement. I assume they got married without engagement stage, as many Chinese people do. In China, official marriage status is by going to the wedding registration office and signing a piece of paper, so no weddings are required. Their wedding is in Jan.

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