JL’s Jason Added to NU’EST Sub-Group

Why do we need this new kid?

Why is this old guy joining our group?

In another Chinese-Korean collab, Yuehua Entertainment and  Pledis Entertainment announced their partnership in a recent press meeting, a partnership they’re been working on for the past few months. The first project out of this partnership is NU’EST-M, formed by adding JL’s Jason Fu Longfei to the original five members. In a company that houses big names like Bibi Zhou, Han Geng, alan, and Zhang Yao, it seems easy to overlook an ex-member of a short-lived boyband. But it’s hard to forget JL, or rather Jason, who composed the debut single that gained the duet their first wave of fans.

Don’t remember or know JL? Here’s a song Jason started composing in high school:

When I first hear JL disbanded, I had assumed that Jason would be pursing a solo career. And why wouldn’t he? He can sing, dance, compose, choreography, and is apparently friends with everyone… ok not everyone but he seems to know a random assortment of people in or related to cpop.

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Am I surprised that Jason accepted the opportunity to work with a Korean entertainment company? No. Am I disappointed? Yes. Not necessary at him or at the fact that he’s going kpop, but rather at the fact that his company doesn’t believe someone with his talent, personality, and look can make it without adding the “trained in Korea (or America)” label.

What do you guys think? This is a good career move for Fu Longfei or his company?

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9 thoughts on “JL’s Jason Added to NU’EST Sub-Group

  1. I feel like it’s strange that he’s doing this. It’s like he’s just a token Chinese member for them to stick in so that they can promote in China–plus, I feel like he’s going to get a lot of hate from NU’EST fans.
    …okay, and I also am heartbroken by this double betrayal of his bromance with Leo. WHY, JASON, WHY?

    • My first thought when I heard this is “Oh, so he’s going to be the token Chinese member” then it’s “BUT WHAT ABOUT LEO!!!! No! You can’t leave your better half behind!!” lol

      I think Jason was definitely added to say “look we have a Chinese member, please treat us like we’re a Chinese group during promotion.” Especially since he’s 5-7 years old than the rest of the member. Or maybe he was added to help with communication and cultural difficulties, but why do you need to add an extra member for that? Just get a translator -_-

      .. And LEO! What about Leo? I loved their interaction for Yinyuetai’s music segments. I’m going to miss JL bROMANACE

      • UGH, SAME!!! It’s also way not enough to have one Chinese member…plus, does he speak Korean? I don’t feel like he’d be the best choice as a translator.
        LEO. The two of them always did everything together, and were so adorable doing it. Jason refollowed Leo on weibo recently, I think–but Leo never stopped following him. T_T Poor baby Leo.
        I’m afraid that being part of a Korean group (especially being the oldest one) is going to force all the dorkiness out of Jason. You can’t pull the same kind of silly stuff that he does on the regular.
        Sidenote: You have no idea how glad I am to find people that I can talk to about this. x.x

        • I wish I had saved all of Jason’s silly gifs before he cleared his weibo posts =( I’m glad he’s following Leo again. They’ve probably been friends for many years (from training to Jboys to JL), it’d be really sad if they ended their friendship due to this. I don’t know why I’m so attached to JL, they were only around for about a year. And I know we shouldn’t be like “I wish JL is still together” but Leo and Jason were so well matched for each other. Are the fans still going to call Jason “Lao Ba/Old Dad”? Because it’s suppose to be “Lao Ba and Lao Ma” =( And I hope he can still be silly like before… ok I’m done with my spazz lol

          • It’s so sad, because Leo still has all their old pictures together. The two of them were so obviously and unashamedly best friends. Like when they were on the Asian Wave program and Leo got a piece of glass stuck in his toe, and Jason carried him to the car and held his hand while the doctor was pulling it out.That is really, truly friendship. And I think that’s why we’re still attached.

  2. I thought he didn’t like the musical direction the company was going for? I feel like then he’ll like the Nu’est music even less .
    I’m happy he has more exposure, though. I really like his composition “Us,” and I feel like if he has more songs like that, he should really just go solo.

    • I wonder how much creative freedom he has under this new contract, and what kind of contract is it. Is it similar to Xiao Wu’s situation, the group is under one company but he’s under another.

      I’m hoping he’ll get some positive exposure out of this and learn enough to help him become a successful solo artist when he’s ready.

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