“Realm of Love” releases trailer, stills

Attaboy, Yuan Hong!  Go Get ’em, Cowboy!  The handsome warrior rides his… water buffalo?!?… into town.  Sun glasses at the ready, he leaves the ladies dumbstruck.

Actress Ruby Lin’s 3rd production,  Realm of Love – The Long Ballad, has launched filming, much to our glee.   The first trailer (below) was recently released.

In addition to the leading cast of Ruby Lin and Yuan Hong, Reyizha (Ning Ping from Zhen Huan Zhuan) has landed the role of Ding Rou, love interest of Feng Yi played by Li Jiahang (Er Kang from the New Huan Zhu Ge Ge).  Feng Yi was a general famous for his modest behavior, and was part of Emperor Yuan Hong’s trusty group of 28 generals (among the others from that list who will appear in the drama is Deng Yu, who also vies for Ruby Lin’s Mary-Sue love. Looks like Feng Yi is going to be a dreamy male character who, hopefully, will eventually find happiness through Reyizha. Apparently, Reyizha’s role has been expanded for this drama.  As long as it makes for a good story, we approve! (…It just better be a good story.) Find more pictures below the cut!

So much chemistry, there’s a nuclear explosion/hydrogen fission in the background?

Is this Yuan Hong’s response to seeing  that Yu Zheng has released yet another disturbing and colorful trailer? (A dual trailer was released for Gong 3 and Song in the Clouds here).

My men! Remember the ills wrought upon us. Remember the unjustifiable and colorful mistreatment of our history.(jjss08: Oh, please, Liu Xiu, at least you’re treated as a hero! MY BINGYI, ON THE OTHER HAND…)

16 thoughts on ““Realm of Love” releases trailer, stills

  1. Wow, among all the trailers released in these days, this is the best regarding of costume faithfulness.
    Seems good, if this drama will be received well then the next book to be made into a drama of this author will be surerly DuBuTianXia! lol Please I need to remade my eyes about my favorite historical OTP Huang Taiji and HaiLanZhu after that abortion of Yu Zheng’s Beauty without tears…
    The only complain, Lin XinRu is clearly too old to be paired with Yuan Hong.

    • I know!! *claps enthusiastically* :)

      oooh… what’s the next book about?

      It’s true that Lin XinRu is old… but she doesn’t look old on camera so, at least to me, it’s not that difficult to suspend belief…

      • DuBuTianXia is a time travelling book in which the main girl travelles two times. The first time she became DongGe, the nvzheng first beauty, and the second time she’s HaiLanZhu the most loved concubine of HuanTaiji (AND my OTP) the first emperor of Qing. It’s one of few books in which time travelling element is used cleverly IMHO.

        Yeah I agree she’s aged well but with YuanHong as her partner, particulary in their “young stage”, I can clearly tell it’s a sister/little brother relationship… XD

        • Well… Ruby Lin is supposed to be more “man” in this drama than Yuan Hong is, by the looks of the trailer, so it makes sense I guess… Haven’t read the books myself so… -_-;;

          Wait. So does she fall in love with people both times she time travels or are the two times woven together so the first time is more of a “mistake” and the second time is the real deal?

          Time travel dramas are still kinda banned by the looks of it… well…. Yu Zheng did come out with that one crap “Gong” time travel wonder recently so not so sure how they are enforcing it…. but still. Would it be possible to break this story into two different pieces and make two dramas or would that just ruin everything? Or maybe since the timing is so close for the two time travels they will make one drama with two focus characters? Dunno… Just throwing around possibilities…. -_-;;

          • I think the two love stories happen at distinct enough times (the first one dies, and then several years later she’s some other person) that it would work out as two love stories, but with the same male lead. … It might make the male lead look a bit bad, though, since he’s falling in love with the second person because she’s just like the first one.

            The other option is to make her disappear and go into hiding for some reason, and then come back as the second person. Although then there’s the weird age gap to deal with. Also, it’s a bit creepy because Hong Taiji was like 8 when he fell in love with her and so the first part might need to be edited to make him older or her younger.

            • hmmm… I see… I’m sure they’ll work something out if they really wanted to make a drama out of it.

        • That would be nice too… except it might be a bit high of an expectation for a drama about such an early part of history. Language changes and customs come and go and some things aren’t fully research yet or readily available or have simply become lost to time. We can only hope for the best. If they get the general framework right, I’m already really happy. If they go and do more, it’s like adding more scoops of ice cream on top of my ice-cream cone. :)

  2. Just letting you know. Whoever edited the caption for the picture of Ding Rou and Feng Yi is a genius!! :)

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