MV and stills released for upcoming Bu Bu Jing Qing

From the first series’ gorgeous stills, to those from the upcoming Legend of Moon and Stars, Tangren’s leading lady has really found an element she’s comfortable in!

Recently, another MV for the upcoming sequel to Bu Bu Jing Xin 步步惊心 was released, performed by Ding Dang. In contrast to Mayday’s more upbeat theme here,“Not Up to Us” 身不由己 is more melancholy, with plenty of rain and umbrellas. Read the synopsis here or watch the trailer here. More stills for this modern-day reincarnation romance can be found below the cut. The drama stars Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu, with an anticipated broadcast in 2014.

I think there will be a happy ending, because Pixar.

5 thoughts on “MV and stills released for upcoming Bu Bu Jing Qing

  1. If someone makes an extended MV of Niki-ShiShi scenes, I’ll prob wait for that XD the new song makes me ache for BBJX and the OTP, I’m just so tempted to watch this for a resolution to that ending of endings

  2. mmmm…. looks nice so far… but still don’t think I’m going to watch it … no more period ogling ;_; Also, if it is bad, I risk corrupting the memory of what was a pretty good drama.

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