Music Monday: October Roundup

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

This October was filled with new releases from both well-known names and local/web musicians. Since previous Music Mondays seem to focus more on the mainstream releases, this week let’s focus on the less well known names… so you get to know them better. There are familiar names like Niko Sun Zihan, Hu Ling, and Ah Qiao.

But first, allow Wei Chen to say Hello in this new MV

The MV for Passage of Time by Chen Meijuan (陈美娟) starts out like any typical music video for a cpop ballad, only to surprise the viewer with a quiet little twist at the end. The song is about what it feel like to be the third wheel and the feeling of unrequited love. This song felt like it should be a companion piece to Hong Chen‘s Mistaken for Love MV.

Kiki Hu Ling (胡灵) thinks It’s Sunny As Long As You’re Happy.

Niko Sun Zihan (孙子涵) have rose quickly on my bias list since his first single The Simplest Sound 最简单的声音. With the release of his brand new self composed album How Are You Lately 最近还好么, Sun Zihan is definitely someone to pay attention to. Enjoy his new single Added Injuries 堆傷.

Beautiful Light from Jin Zhiwen (金志文).

True Chinese hip-hop have never emerged from the underground scene, perhaps due to the use of regional dialects. But here’s a little taste of Chinese hip-hop from C-BLOCK, a six man hip-hop group out of Hunan Changsha.

Yang Jin (杨谨) true to her style shows off plenty of skin in this cartoon-like MV for Angry Princess 公主也发威. Her MVs are my guilty pleasure because they’re all so cheesy and overdone, but are set to really catching repetitive tunes.

Liu Sihan (刘思涵), known more for her participation in singing contests than her songs, finally signed to Seed Music Limited.

Ah Qiao (阿悄) and Zhuang Xinyan (莊心妍), both are popular web musician signed to the new record label gogomusi­c, sings About That Thing. Produced by IYANZI STUDIO, this beautifully shot MV tells the story of a designer and a photographer, leaving the relationship open to interpretation.

Hannah Jin Haixin give the phase “having your head in the clouds” a whole new meaning in this MV for What Song Were Sang.

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  1. That was a sweet twist at the end of Chen Meijuan’s song. :)

    And add me to the list of Niko’s new fans!

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