Qiao Renliang, Zhao Liying together for Bazaar Movie

Qiao Renliang and Zhao Liying may be posing together here, but it’s Chen Xiao who gives us the ship tease.

Recently, Zhao Liying and Qiao Renliang posed together for a photoshoot with Bazaar Movie (more pictures under the cut). Kimi Qiao Renliang wrote a weibo about it:

“Thanks to @Fashion BAZAAR! @Zhao Liying We time-traveled into the present to shoot for this big movie, enjoying air conditoning, drinking red wine; at the moment, we haven’t ordered (nor do we plan to order) tickets back…so, your highness King of Changguan @ Chen Xiao, you’ll have to take care of the court politics; I’ll take care of A’Zhen…
– the previous emperor
@Yu Zheng Is there a problem?”

Chen Xiao’s reply was a ship tease:

“At this rate, it’ll soon drive me crazy…” 

Kimi Qiao Renliang’s weibo: @乔任梁: 托 @时尚芭莎 的福 和阿贞 @赵丽颖 穿越回现代拍大片、吹空调、喝红酒、目前还没定、也不打算定回程的票、所以、长广王殿下 @陈晓 你就好好打理朝政、我负责照顾阿贞、先皇 @于正1978 没意见吧?

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    • Ugh, yes. I’m hoping she goes for the bob look at some point. I think she’d wear it really well.

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