Qiao Renliang and Zhao Liying may be posing together here, but it’s Chen Xiao who gives us the ship tease.

Recently, Zhao Liying and Qiao Renliang posed together for a photoshoot with Bazaar Movie (more pictures under the cut). Kimi Qiao Renliang wrote a weibo about it:

“Thanks to @Fashion BAZAAR! @Zhao Liying We time-traveled into the present to shoot for this big movie, enjoying air conditoning, drinking red wine; at the moment, we haven’t ordered (nor do we plan to order) tickets back…so, your highness King of Changguan @ Chen Xiao, you’ll have to take care of the court politics; I’ll take care of A’Zhen…
– the previous emperor
@Yu Zheng Is there a problem?”

Chen Xiao’s reply was a ship tease:

“At this rate, it’ll soon drive me crazy…” 

Kimi Qiao Renliang’s weibo: @乔任梁: 托 @时尚芭莎 的福 和阿贞 @赵丽颖 穿越回现代拍大片、吹空调、喝红酒、目前还没定、也不打算定回程的票、所以、长广王殿下 @陈晓 你就好好打理朝政、我负责照顾阿贞、先皇 @于正1978 没意见吧?

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    1. Ugh, yes. I’m hoping she goes for the bob look at some point. I think she’d wear it really well.

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