City of Hopeless Love releases trailers, stills for “A World of Peace”

With high gratuitous period satisfaction and plenty of chemistry, what more could we want?

Qiao Zhenyu plays the male lead in the next chapter of the upcoming drama City of Hopeless Love 华胥引,  as Kevin Cheung’s character’s father Su Heng. Gan Tingting plays the love of his life, the beautiful immortal Murong An. The drama also features Yuan Hong and Jiang Xin (in their End of an Unstable Life chapter) and Guo Zhenni (in Thirteenth Moon). 

The story goes that Su Hung was determined to have Murong An as his master, and the two agreed that if Su Heng could defeat Murong An, then Murong An would marry him. So Su Heng studiously set to practicing his swordsmanship, eventually winning Murong An as his bride. However, Su Heng’s father makes marrying another woman the stipulation if Su Heng wishes to inherit his throne….more synopsis* under the cut. Watch the trailer below with English Subtitles so everybody can enjoy! There are more stills, and another trailer under the cut.

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

Su Heng ends up casting Murong An aside, not knowing that Murong An was already pregnant. A year later, Murong An’s other disciple (who is Lin Yuan’s character’s master!) comes to Su Heng with the infant and tells him that Murong An has died. Su Heng is stricken with grief. On the battlefield, he suffers a devastating defeat, yet at this time, Murong An appears to him and uses a secret technique to save him, herself turning into ash…many years later,Murong An’s other disciple compels his disciple (the main female lead, played by Lin Yuan), to use the Tune of Hua Xu to lure Su Heng into a dream, and assassinate him…

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22 thoughts on “City of Hopeless Love releases trailers, stills for “A World of Peace”

  1. I feel the book fan in me is making me cringe too much at the trailer. Sure it’s pretty and the CG isn’t bad, but they changed so much of the story!!! I’m particularly sad about the fact she jumped off the wall in a RED dress….

  2. They just cut off my fav chapter from the book Snow at PeiZhong… dunno why?
    Really like Qiao Zhenyu, Yuan Hong and Jiang Xin!

  3. O I need to get used to your new screenname, I’m so used to calling you O.

    OMGGGGG these trailers are so intense!!!! O_O Finally a c-drama that actually has trailers that do not just summarize the plot and give tons of spoilers! Do you know when this is going to air? *hopeful*

    • You can still call me O if you want. I tried to keep my old one since I had gotten attached to it but… oh wells… :)

      • Sorry… didn’t read your comment all the way through before responding. I’m not sure about the release date. As far as I know, it’s probably still up in the air and we might not see it until next year. jjss08 helped me a lot with the post and, since I’m still working on reading Chinese, added more of the details you see about the story since I really have no access to them with the barrier.

  4. btw… I think the yellow mermaid tail portion in the first trailer is from Pirates of the Caribbean. Dunno… just looks familiar to me. Here! Around 1:45… >:(

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