Zheng Shuang Talks Plastic Surgery & Zhang Han


Plastic Surgery and Relationship Status, two topics celebrities can’t avoid quick enough and tabloid can’t get enough of. For years, fans have been waiting for some type of straight forward confirmation or denial on the Han Shuang relationship. Finally, after years of ambiguity regarding her relationship with Zhang Han, Zheng Shuang decided to tackle two of the most feared topics in the entertainment industry in one go.

Why would she do such a thing? Maybe it’s like Zheng Shuang says in the interview:

I think it’s due to the difference in time period/generation. Based on my age and experience, I don’t regard [plastic surgery] as a secret or private matter. I think this is something that can be talked about openly.

And she does. Nothing (seems to be) off-limit in her sit-down interview with sina. Zheng Shuang openly talked about her relationship with Zhang Han and her recent plastic surgery rumors.

I have only translated (imo) the more interesting parts of the interview.

You said you struggled a bit with the idea of going under knife?

Actually, when these types of ideas flashes in your mind, you become curious and want to try it out.

But cosmetic surgery is a big deal. Going under the knife out of curiosity, isn’t that too hasty?

Sometimes your curiosity gets the better of you, [if you don’t try it] your heart itches.

Why are you curious about cosmetic surgery? Are you curious about how you would appear after?

Yes, there’s a lot [of reasons]. If something catches my interest I’ll want to try it out, but nothing illegal. It’s like saying I want to rock climb or paint, I would go learn it.

[When asked what Zhang Han thought of her appearance after the surgery, Zheng Shuang replied: “He didn’t say, I didn’t ask.”]

In the entertainment industry, no one wants to admit to getting cosmetic surgery.

I don’t really understanding their decision. If I see things one way then I will do it that way, if I see it in a different way then I will do it a different way.

Why did you admit it then?

I think it’s because I grew up in a different time period. I don’t see [plastic surgery] as a secret or private matter. I think it is something that can be talked about openly.

But no one in the industry would willingly admit to getting cosmetic surgery.

That’s right.

You’re not going to follow the industry’s standard procedure? Do you understand the rules of the industry?

I know [the rules]. I’m not saying I understand the industry; I only understanding myself, the things I can do or say, I can take responsibility. It’s my motto.

And what motto is it?

I will keep myself simple.

[The interview then moved on to relationship question – talking about the type of relationship Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang has, how they started dating, what it is like to play a couple in The Queen of SOP II and her first impression of Zhang Han.]

What’s your thought on Zhang Han’s rumored romance a while back?

I think it’s fake, but some people want to talk that way. Zhang Han didn’t want that type of thing to happen either, but if someone does it on purpose, there’s nothing anyone can do.

Most actresses wouldn’t answer like this, directly calling someone out for noise marketing. They are afraid of offending people.

If you’re not afraid to do it, then don’t be afraid to be talked about.

Zheng Shuang then talked about her lack of public appearance for more than a year, saying she was trying to get use to the fame and the media attention that came as a result of Meteor Shower. In fact, she was offered a role in the My Fair Princess remake after MS2. However, she rejected the role because she did not want be known for her remake roles and be constantly compared with the original. After that she wasn’t offered any roles that caught her eyes. Instead, she took the time to attend her classes and prepare herself.

You have not been giving yourself a lot of pressure to be more successful?

No, I think I should just do what I can. If I let this occupation get the better of me, it’s really not worth it.

When do you plan to withdraw [from the entertainment industry]?

When I have saved enough money.

How much do you need to save?

Enough to open my own shop. Maybe a sweets shop. Girls like to shop and buy things they don’t need. I want to open a shop where I can buy things I like and then sell it.

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  1. I am a fan of Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han , but after I saw the news of them breaking up I am sooooo sad! Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang are the perfect partner EVER!!!!! and by the way Zheng Shuang love Zhang Han sooooo much that she does alot of stuff for him , she did a plastic surgery just for him and other stuff.

  2. The sweet shop thing is extremely cute.
    But, anyways, I applaud Zheng Shuang! She definitely didn’t need plastic surgery, but part of her job is selling her looks. If she feels like that’s what has to be done, at least she has the guts to admit to it.

    • jjss08,

      Thanks for going over the post for me. I had a couple quick questions I was wondering about.

      1. By moving one of the trailers up above the cut, did you mean above the body text?

      2. Most of the photos I used I ended up linking from online. Does this still use up space?

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    • But she seems to not be interested in acting anymore, so I don’t think it’s necessarily for her job. In one interview, she said she got plastic surgery because she’s scared of growing old …

    • I totally agree with you. Zhang Shuang is a brave girl, she just do what she think is good for her and doesn’t afraid of what people will think about it.

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