Chen Kun plays a father in new movie Crossing Borders

All the more reason for you to appear on the new Daddy show, Chen Kun…

In this upcoming movie Guo Jie 过界 (Crossing Borders), Chen Kun plays a middle-aged papa and Carina Lau’s chauffeur. Although the two are very different, they come to trust and rely upon each other in this precarious world.

The story takes place in Hong Kong, where Carina Lau is a high society lady with a disappeared husband. Chen Kun’s character is working to bring his pregnant wife and child from the Mainlan to Hong Kong (evading the one-child policy). In order to add to the believability of his character, Chen Kun purposefully tried to gain weight. (Meanwhile, his greatest fear for this movie are “smoking NGs.” Since his character is a chauffeur under great stress, it makes sense for him to smoke; Chen Kun himself hopes he won’t have too many NGs and end up feeling sick). More stills below the cut, mostly/all of Chen Kun. 


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  1. I don’t think the “weight” thing is that much of an issue for me. There are plenty of bony cab drivers overseas at least based on what I’ve seen. I think a cheap-looking ugly haircut bordering on a buzz-cut would actually really help him set the image… but then again… that would just be unappealing. -_-;;

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