N13 Studio combines visuals, music

At a time when most are using the default, eeMedia’s N13 Visual Studio dares to experiment with typography, and writes many of their own fonts.

Despite all their successes, Hunan TV once  lacked the visuals to back them up, resulting in lackluster MV’s and stages for great  talents. The entrance of the N13   Visual Studio, headed by the talented Peng Youlun, has made eeMedia at the frontiers of staging effects and MV qualities in China.   

Among Peng Youlun’s more colorful MV’s, such as Su Miaoling’s Time Portrait below , she tend to use a lot of filters(?) to blur the colors a bit.  Similar techniques are used in Zhang Jie’s First Lady.

The studio also pioneered the use of 3D visual effects for live streaming shows for the 2011 Super Girls. The same technology was not used by another Chinese channel until the 2013  CCTV Spring Gala.

They even experiment with typography for live captions at a time most MV makers are still using generic fonts.

Watch their  3D effects for the live streaming of Faye Wong’s “Blessing” song for the  Hunan TV 2012 New Year Concert:

It’s seriously an issue when screencaps of N13’s close-ups are much better than most photoshoots these artists ever get.   Despite much simpler outfits, compare how much better the 2009 Super Girls look in N13’s MV here with how they look in the Xu Jinglei-directed MV.  

Peng Youlun has a pretty signature style among Chinese MV directors. Her MV’s are very minimalist and contemporary. Many of her MV’s almost exclusively use white (Zeng Yike’s Women’s Secret or 2011 Super Girls’ Baby Sister or ),  grayscale, or  only one other non-neutral color, such as this year’s  Super Boy 5to3 red intro or Li Xiaoyun’s blue  Maybe MV.  Even her brightest MV, RTA’s Funny Honey, uses all pastels.

Also, her MV’s and Wu Mengzhi’s writing makes for promos that are better than a lot of movies made nowadays. Watch some of my favorites Stay Young a bit more, I am me,  Sunshine-filled daysBrothers, go, I’ve always remembered and Why Do We Sing.

Now if only her MV’s had as much story to them as Wu Mengzhi’s words…

This screencap of Su Miaoling from one of Peng Youlun's promos remains my favorite picture of the girl.

This screencap of Su Miaoling from one of Peng Youlun’s promos remains my favorite picture of the girl.

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