“Virtuous Queen of Han” releases trailer


Wang Luodan vs. Ruby Lin, who wears it better?

The upcoming drama with the best Han-dynasty costumes finally releases its trailer, thanks to O for bringing it to my attention! The Virtuous Queen of Han stars Wang Luodan, Raymond Lam, Jones Xu Zhengxi, etc. and is appearing to be a sequel of sorts to Schemes of a Beauty both in plot and costume design, focusing on Empress Dou’s great daughter-in-law Empress Wei Zifu.

35 thoughts on ““Virtuous Queen of Han” releases trailer

  1. :O
    I want to watch historical series!
    I want history! I want history!
    I want the ancient tongue!

    … The comments though…
    Can you give me some suggestions, please?

    • Depends on how much history you want… Mu Yi Tian Xia was pretty good but the historical accuracy of the costuming was questionable. But I thought the story was well done and the spirit was there so I gave it a pass. There are other series out there that are older that are even stronger in their adherence to historic record

  2. looks very cool!
    you’ve gotta be kidding me, not historicalyl accurate?
    this is a drama
    dramas are not meant to be realistic
    they may be based on realistic events, but its normal to have fiction in a tv show…

    • We aren’t sticklers. We’re just pointing stuff out and having a discussion for education purposes. :) We acknowledge that some fictional twisting is necessary but if you’re going to say it’s “historical,” major events, personalities of famous peoples, and things that should take place should happen. If not, you end up with a real mess and might as well call it a fantasy or pure fiction from the start. There’s plenty of examples of when things go wrong and the drama ends up with neither the scholarly appreciation of history nor an amazing story. It’s just a balancing act. :)

      • Haha, yes! (This is sort of like being in English class). On that note, the reverse happened to LZH. It was just set in a vaguely historical world, and transposed onto the Qing dynasty – hence, why some of the history was so bizarre.

        There was another book that I read/listened to a while ago. The story had its roots in Liu Fuling/Empress Shangguan, but they didn’t actually set it in the Han dynasty…since the rest of the story off the history course. Which is also totally okay xD

        • But Zhen Huan Zhuan and the scholarly redeeming factor of its accurate portrayal of Qing dynasty court etiquette and that’s all thanks to Imperial Physician Wen. :) It was a good story but, to get through SARFT and simply because we have the backgrounds to film Qing era palace dramas and not so much for Tang-era palace dramas yet, some serious twisting happened. To tell you the truth, I think the etiquette factor really set the drama apart by creating the elegant atmosphere. I think the scholarly etiquette in combination with the good story was what really helped propel ZHZ out there and become such a hit. If it was “just a good story,” you wouldn’t get history nerds into and if it’s hard history, most people might be bored. You have to balance both elements so everybody is happy (or relatively happy) and that really propels you forward.

          But yeah. There were definitely the obvious bizarre parts like suddenly changing Zhen Huan into a Manchurian. As if that wouldn’t have caused a ruckus back in the day. ;)

          I mean, if we were real sticklers, we’d be lambasting the minor things that are wrong in the trailer like how some of the dancing girls in the beginning were wearing outfits that were clearly Tang-inspired (bit too early for the period) or how the CGI buildings were clearly in Tang dynasty style as opposed to Han dynasty (Again, too early. Almost like putting skyscrapers in a Qing dynasty drama.).

  3. Waaaaahhhhh I like it! I don’t even care of historical accurancy, after all I don’t even think is the point of this drama. I’ll watch it like an idol/love period fictional drama with historical basis. Hope more works like this will be produced in the future, because when like more than 70% of chinese don’t even know what a hanfu is or confuses it with a kimono nowadays, is sad and pity.
    I don’t know why so many people considers schemes of beauty a superb drama, to me was just average. Hope the final work won’t disappoint me. Wei ZiFu is one of my historical favorite since Han Wu Da Di serie. Yeah!

    • That’s true. But I think SOME respect should be paid to historical accuracy to help spread information and dispel misconceptions like about hanfu and stuff. To me, a successful period drama is one that balances historical accuracy with story and generates interest in society about the era and background kind of like BBJX did for Yongzheng’s reign and ZHZ, though fictional, did for Qing dynasty court customs and language.

  4. To tell you the truth,,, I kinda didn’t like Mei Ren Xin Ji. It was significant for the time since there weren’t many good period dramas around then but… I kinda felt the historical accuracy was half-@$$-ed

    For one, the language wasn’t right for me and for another, I felt they twisted historical record too much. Yes, most events that were supposed to happen did happen and it wasn’t as bad of a disaster as Beauties of the Emperor but still. Not too happy. It felt like it just kinda half-tried on all the historical parts and made pretty costumes since it would be marketable so it ended up feeling kinda… ehhh….

    • The historical accuracy of MRXJ was terrible, but the costumes were so beautiful! (Actually, reading up on what really happened to the characters in MRXJ on Wikipedia is what kicked me off on my Han-dynasty obsession! <3) So, it would be "ungrateful" for me to complain about Beauties.

      But, OMG, THIS NEW DRAMA! Actually, I'd rather have Wei Zifu secretly in true love with the second love interest, even if she comes to have feelings for Liu Che; that would be interesting. Especially since Liu Che wronged her so much in real life…(LIu Juuuuu….D: )

      They all look too young for the older years, but that's okay….~costumes are quite loveable – one of Pingyang's color schemes is so pretty! <3

      …Actually, I shouldn't let myself get so psyched, haha…

      • It looks like the “fad” next year will be the Han dynasty. The last “fad” was the Qing dynasty with Gong and BBJX, and ZHZ and all that jazz.

        It probably will be more interesting with Wei Zifu having a possible second love interest since it might explain some things that go down and make it more reasonable to the viewer. Like Liu Che kinda looks like a douche sometimes from a relational perspective simply because of what we have and don’t have from records but adding and twisting a bit here and there will probably make this drama flow better. If that’s the case, I’m all for it. It’s just keeping it in check and making sure it doesn’t turn into… say… Han dynasty girls wearing funny-looking and possibly offensively stereotypical outfits sliding down stripper poles. Thanks Yu Zheng, for Beauties of the Emperor. That image is permanently burned into my brain. I don’t even understand why it’s getting a rerun. He must have connections.

        But yeah, with the degree of accuracy from the looks of the trailer, I’m toning my expectations down. This probably won’t be a ZHZ though they clearly lifted the costume quality and period language adherence from it. ZHZ was largely fictional with historical twisting. This looks largely historical with fictional twistings. With the degree of historical accuracy that seems to be portrayed in the trailer, I’m already kinda expecting this drama to have a slower feel to it since I’ve found that the more historically accurate dramas tend to have this quality.

          • Yeah. That’s definitely uncalled for and if you do it, you had better have some amazing crap coming up and a very good reason for it. >:(

      • The “too young” argument actually makes sense. This is probably intended to focus on the earlier years since those were Wei Zifu’s “best days” with her struggles against Empress Chen and her most “drama-material-worthy” days. I mean dramas just don’t end like how Wei Zifu did. If they do, you have to find a way to make it “artistic” enough to be acceptable and thus probably her “secret lover” -_-;;

        To be honest, I think her lover boy looks better than Liu Che does. It seems kinda “copy of ZHZ” but meh… if it gets the drama rolling.

        • On a side note. Empress Chen’s hairstyle kinda makes her look Korean… O_O I don’t know what’s going on.

          I actually really like the costumes on the older women like the two Empress Dowagers (or Empress Dowager and Grand Empress Dowager…? *shrugs*).

          Empress Chen’s mom’s, Princess Guantao’s, hair styling with the gold plastered into the hair. I’ve never seen hair styling for periods done like that. The character looks bad and decadent and spoiled and fitting for the role but that hair. It’s not pretty. Just interesting to look at since I haven’t seen it done like that before.

          • So many of the hairstyles/costumes in Korean historical dramas seem lifted directly out of Chinese dramas. Historically, Japan and Korea were highly influenced by ancient Chinese fashions, as well as other aspects of culture.

            • I know but… the braided pancake enveloping the head is such an iconic Korean court look and there isn’t much evidence we did anything like that, at least according to what I am aware of.

              • Korean fashion was greatly influenced by Mongolian fashions too ^___^

                Also, thanks for sharing the link~ I feel kind of bad for filling this page up with my comments, haha…more entertainment…? ^^;

                • awww… don’t. I’ve been shamelessly doing it too. It makes good conversation and we can learn from each other and inspire each other to learn. :)

                  But you are right about that. Korea was influenced heavily during Yuan rule and by “grassland culture” as some put it.

                  Also, there’s more crap from Han Tang Yue Fu online in case any of you guys are interested. It’s just… like most Japanese music and music and dance from pre-Yuan culture, very precise and not exactly the most in line with modern tastes so it might seem slow. Then again, now we understand why it was written that some officials would fall asleep when traditional music was being played. LOL!! It’s also probably the closest we will be able to get now to the Liyuan arts and how they originally were like during the Tang dynasty since it’s mentioned in the wikipedia page for Han Tang Yue Fu that they’ve been combining their art with that as well to further create the archaic feel and for historic purposes.


            • I guess my point was more… “WOW… lots of hair from what I can see in the front to make that look.” She turns around. *shocked speechless* “…. and there more in the back… BY GOD IS SHE CHINESE RAPUNZEL?!?”

        • No, if she’s going to kill herself, then she should be older. (Unless this isn’t something with a historical basis…) Also, if there’s another beauty legitimately vying for Liu Che’s attention, at least ten years have passed since Liu Che’s fell in love love love with her.

          Yes, let’s see them explain how he could drive his firstborn son to suicide.

          There was another trend last year for Chu-Han dramas, haha. Maybe you’ll get your Song/Yuan wish soon?

          Her lover boy is my wallpaper right now. I found a fantastic picture of him patting a horse on weibo. (Her little brother is pretty cute too <3)

          I ahven't watched Beauties of the Emperor. I saw a few previews though :P The dancing was…very special.

          • I guess my point was the focus of the drama will probably be the earlier years or a majority of the episodes will be taking place during the earlier time period so it might make more sense?… Oh wells. Asians tend to have more generous aging cycles though so… I guess we can let it slide… but they really could have done some extra make-up and add some white hairs or something…

            It looks like she might be miscarrying to in this drama… not totally unlikely given the era but… O_O… didn’t read this…

            They’ll probably use the “emperor entering his later years and going beserk since he’s finally seeing signs of his own mortality or some similar reason” reasoning or something to explain off the suicide. I mean, it happens and was kinda part of the actual reason but… meh…

            Yeah… I noticed some of the Chu-Han dramas but none of them really seemed as outstanding or to gain as much popularity as BBJX or ZHZ. Therefore, to me, they really didn’t seem like “trendsetters” in terms of getting the ball rolling in a certain era.

            I doubt I’ll be getting my Song/Yuan wish anytime soon. For one, if it becomes successful, especially for the Yuan dynasty, there will probably be controversy about heritage. Also, the Song dynasty usually isn’t regarded with as much awe as other dynasties. Song and Ming tend to end up on the short end of the stick. Guess the best I can hope for is Song and Ming dynasty dramas unless we build a replica of a Tang-era palace. :(

            OMG… do NOT watch it!!! My eyes!! And the stripper pole!!! Lu Zhi wasn’t just in love with Xiang Yu. She was an ancient burlesque dancer!!!

            In fact, “ancient Chinese dancing” in dramas tend to scare me. Especially “pre-Yuan dynasty dance.” It can be done in a way that is cool and not historically accurate but its hard to strike that balance. I found this Nanguan group from Taiwan who is working with the palace museum to revive stuff from that era. It seems Nanguan has preserved a lot of archaic features from pre-mongol invasion culture. It looks kinda Japanese… but that makes sense since Japan was one of the few countries in that culture sphere that wasn’t invaded! XD

            • It kinda bugs me when people say “it looks Japanese” because they don’t know It was Japan that copied China. Tang Dynasty fashions have not been preserved in China, so Japan gets all the credit for what was originally Chinese.

              • Well… the West has been happy to allow certain views to propagate. People don’t even have a basic understanding of how East Asia used to operate even though the picture is pretty clear and simple.

                I’m just glad that somebody is doing something to preserve and honor what we have and restore what we can. Otherwise, we risk losing even more and allow more things to go misinterpreted. Kinda like how we call things origami, bonsai, and go. We invented paper. Did you honestly think we didn’t figure out you could fold it?!? One person I met was shocked by this revelation and continued to insist that Japan had somehow made it better or else they wouldn’t refer to it like so.

          • To tell you the truth, I think they could tone down the sappy romance and turn up the realism. Liu Che was kinda a jerk in some ways so they should make it show. It would make things so much more interesting than the bipolar one-minute-I’m-lover-boy-and-the-next-I’m-going-ballistic. I mean, when you’re emperor, I’m pretty sure you don’t need that much “game” to get what you want.

            • Exactly. I don’t think he was that great of a husband, but I love love love him as a historical figure. (Also, he doesn’t need much game, which is why I want the secret true love angle even more…they did that in the Mu Yi Tian XIa/Queens drama, I think). I guess that’s why you can watch Great Emperor Wu of Han for a more legit Han Wudi feeling? I’m in this one for the romance and clothes, haha.

              • OMG!! Mu Yi Tian Xia was sooo awesome in terms of balancing history and story. It’s a pity the clothes and backgrounds and props and all were… well… not up to today’s standards shall we say.

                • The lightning was really dark and dreary for that one…but Tong LIya’s dance? …That was a /real/ dance.~(Head canon for Zhao Feiyan…) I remember that I really hated Fu Yao…

                  Except, I still haven’t forgiven them for their portrayal of Liu Bingyi and Xu Pingjun. Because they are my OTP and I’m so biased towards them, haha. (He was played by a 40 year old when he was 20 and a 40 year old when he was 40. Not to mention that…their love story…Q____Q)

                  • I kinda liked the dreary feel of the drama. I know Zhao Feiyan’s dance was real but it was obvious they played off of the more legendary and fantastical side of Chinese history and imagination there but I liked it since I thought it was all in good taste.

                    Fu Yao was an unsatisfied pain. Xu Pingjun dropped off so fast I hardly noticed.

                    Actually, I always felt it was a pity they didn’t make a second one. That’s when the history really gets grim and sticky and interesting with Fu Yao going ballistic and forcing Consort Feng Yuan to commit suicide and Wang Zhengjun’s later life.

              • Totally agree on the story and clothes though. I mean, history is nice now and again but it really needs something to breathe life into it or it can easily become boring.

  5. YAY!!!! Fireworks!!!

    I agree with you on the costumes being very elaborate and of high quality… and by high quality I mean they also preserve some sense of the period… unlike Beauties of the Emperor where some of the clothing designs and patterns were just plain WTF in terms of suitability for the class and situation and people they were portraying but I kinda disagree about historical accuracy of some of the costumes. The style is there but some parts I feel are a bit too elaborate. I still think, based on what I have seen, that Ruby Lin’s recent Han dynasty production may trump this one in terms of costume accuracy…

    But based on this trailer, there’s more than enough redeeming factors. For one, the elaborateness doesn’t go to the point of being too ridiculous and being an eye-sore. It seems the language of most of the script uses a lot of Classical Chinese, borrowing from Zhen Huan Zhuan, so it definitely has that period feel to everything they say. I know some older productions used to do this but it kinda fell out of fashion to use period language for a while and got me worried.

    Also, based on what I see, it seems the script adheres more closely to historical record… at least based on what I can see from Wikipedia since my Chinese reading skills really aren’t there yet… with the exception of that little Wei Zifu possibly having another possible love-interest line and there’s some minor twisting for the sake of marketability.

    GOD we need a good period drama! I’ve been so desperate I started following the Korean drama Empress Ki for the period prettiness but… yeah… you kinda have to throw all your historical knowledge out the window… -_-;;

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