Ni Ni, looking for the 8th prince?

Look at all the pretty little details on her costume!

I was excited when I saw this; but unfortunately, this isn’t a still from a new period piece for Ni Ni; it’s actually from her upcoming movie Love Will Tear Us Apart. (She stars with her real-life boyfriend Feng Shaofeng). These stills have prompted some netizens to joke that Ni Ni is looking for Eighth Prince. It seems that at some point, her character will be part of a Qing dynasty drama? She and Feng Shaofeng were purportedly still in the honeymoon stage when filming the movie, which made for great chemistry.

A few more pictures below the cut; this was too pretty not to share.

2 thoughts on “Ni Ni, looking for the 8th prince?

  1. YAY!!! More pretty period costumes!!! They just really need to start releasing the ones that are already done!! >:(

    To tell you the truth, I wish we did other periods other than the Qing dynasty more often. I mean, Han dynasty gets attention but somebody build me a full-scaled replica of Daming Gong so we can get some good Tang dynasty dramas!! :)

    Oh, and there’s also the Song and Yuan dynasties that could use a little love. ;)

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