Stills released from latest Duke of Mount Deer

Zhang Meng plays Shuang’er, the “ideal lover” who gets the most ink-time.

With Han Dong as Wei Xiaobao and Zhang Meng as Shuang’er, the 2014 television adaptation of the Duke of Mount Deer promises to have human eye candy. Shawn Wei Qianxiang takes on the role of Kang Xi, while Lou Yixiao plays the sadistic Princess Jianning. Wei’s most beautiful wife, A’Ke, will be played by Jia Qing, and Viann Zhang will play yet another wife, Su Quan (for those who don’t know: Wei ends up with seven, total). Mu Jianping, the youngest wife, will be played by Wu Qian. Fang Yi will be played by Zhao Ke…

Duke of Mount Deer is set in the Qing dynasty (as evidenced by the bald heads). Wei is a rascal of a man, who manages to endear himself with Kang Xi. Much of the plot results from his efforts not to displease either Kang Xi, or the rebel sect that opposes the Qing emperor. The drama will run for 50 episodes. 

16 thoughts on “Stills released from latest Duke of Mount Deer

  1. It’s the Qing Dynasty pigtail and fashion for the men that I find totally lacking in visual appeal.
    Even the most handsome actor looks goofy and buffoonish in those attires.

    • I think it’s kinda like an acquired taste. You get used to it after seeing it for a while. I mean, it’s not like European periods with big-wigs don’t look funny at times as well. You just have to keep going and eventually, it doesn’t matter that much.

    • I think it suits some actors though, like in BBJX. Nicky Wu looked very masculine with that hair imo when he was playing 4th prince.

  2. … *blink* *blink* …. O_O

    I think the downside of watching Zhen Huan Zhuan is that all Qing Dynasty costumes that I see after it just look very… lackluster….

    Hopefully, they have somebody who know what he is doing behind the story.

    • I think these costumes wouldn’t be the best even if you hadn’t watched Zhen Huan.
      but I blame part of it on the backgrounds? ~

      • Definitely. Some of those backgrounds look like picnic clothes or old curtain patterns. Maybe a change in background will make the costumes more easy on the eyes. I really hope the other props aren’t this bad as well but then again, maybe they’re aiming at a comedy version…

        btw… never seen an adaptation of this before so…meh…

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