Photoshoot Friday: October 18, 2013

Tong Liya looks ready for Easter in her Femina shoot, and Eva Huang Shenyi alternates between an ice queen and a casual summer look. Li Yuchun is dashing as a man for Marie Claire, and Sun Li has a few vampire-looks dressed in black. Meanwhile, Ying’er is cute in a bird print dress, and Bea Hayden poses with a stone bust in white. Mickey He poses around in a busy city, suave in suits. 

01. Tong Liya, more here.

02a. Eva Huang, more here.

02b. Huang Yi, more here.

03. Li Yuchun, more here.

04. Sun Li, more here.

05. Ying’er, more here.

06. Tiny Times’ Bea Hayden, more here.

07. Mickey He, here.

6 thoughts on “Photoshoot Friday: October 18, 2013

  1. I’ve always been amazed by the length and shape of Mickey He’s nose which is proportionally wrong for his face. There’s no way it hasn’t been surgically altered to resemble Bob Hope’s.

  2. I think you have mixed up a few names up there. The pics you labeled as Eva Huang are actually HuangYi and Eva Huang mixed into one batch. As far as I know 郭碧婷’s English name is not Amber Kuo but Hayden Bea/Kuo or Kuo BiTing, Amber Kuo (郭采潔) is her fellow actress in Tiny Times.

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