Li Qin toughens up in Return of the Heiress


When an once decadent heiress finds out that her father and stepmother killed her mother, she must win back her family business without first being killed herself.

Taking a break from four Cinderella roles in a row, actress Li Qin finally stops making love (although it exists) her sole existence in upcoming series Return of the Heiress 千金归来 based on the Internet novel Resurrection of the Heiress 重生豪门千金.

From improving her grades to get into NYU, to eventually learning the tricks of business and investment, heiress Changqing (Li Qin) must hide her true intentions while secretly trying to take control of the stocks of the company from  her evil father, mother, and step-sister (okay, so she still haven’t ventured that far from Cinderella).   Along the way,  she meets a sweet righteous cadre (Li Yifeng) who tries to convince her to give up her revenge, a sexy blond who tries to seduce her back to decadence and drugs and may have been cut from the adaptation, and an incorrigible businessman (Lee Wei) whose motives are unknown.

The series airs on Dragon TV and co. on October 30th, more stills below the cut.

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    • I felt like reading it, it wasn’t super heavy on melodrama, but it depends on how they edit the story. I imagine they’ll cut out and change a lot of stuff since the original includes minor time-travelling, Warren Buffet’s grandson as one of the key supporting characters, and a significant amount of time spent in a private school near Princeton.

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