Weibo Wednesday: October 16, 2013

张翰: 和偶像合个影 咔起来!

Queen of SOP II (胜女的代价2) began airing last month, giving us ample time to soak in its gorgeous cast. Male lead Zhang Han also took the opportunity to tease fans about his relationship with female lead Zheng Shuang, calling her his “idol” in this Weibo post.

Taking a photo with my idol. Click!

Kai Ko decided to hop on the bandwagon and take a picture with his idol as well.

柯震東Kai: 北京遇見柯小東!!一樣的臭臉!但好像變黑了不少

…Oh wait, that’s just a picture with himself. Teehee.

Met Little Kai Ko in Beijing!! We have the same long face! Except it seems quite a bit darker.

何炅: 难得放假,随便遛个弯去……

This is not He Jiong‘s idol, but rather his new pet.

It’s so rare to have a holiday. I randomly took him on a walk…

高圆圆: 狄大人,一起报班学游泳去吧

You’d think we’d be done with the “celebrities taking pictures of themselves in front of other pictures” series, but here’s one last one! (Okay, this one’s definitely Photoshopped, but let’s pretend since it’s so adorable.) Gao Yuanyuan excitedly shows her support for boyfriend Mark Chao‘s new movie, Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon (狄仁杰前传之神都龙王). I’m sure she’s looking forward to the movie… but is she okay with the bromance?

Mr. Dee, let’s sign up for a swimming class together.

林更新: 头一回在101大楼晚餐,我们够酷炫吗? 虽然俗了点…

Bromance Exhibit 1: Mark and Lin Gengxin getting chummy at Taipei 101 when they were in Taiwan promoting Young Detective Dee.

First time eating dinner at Taipei 101, aren’t we so cool? Although it is a little common…

No, you guys look like dorks. Albeit well-dressed ones. :3

林更新: 男人始终都有柔弱的一面 女人始终都有汉子的一面

Romance Exhibit 1: Looks like something went wrong with the bromance, so Lin Gengxin had to turn to Angelababy for solace. LOL at the modern clothes draped in the background.

Men will always have a weak side. Women will always a strong side.

林更新: “啊…啊, 圆…圆…姐,你来…来啦?!” #出卖朋友大赛#

Bromance… busted!

“Ah…ah, Sister… Yuan…yuan, you…you’re here?!” #big competition to betray friends#

I can’t believe I just posted three posts from Lin Gengxin in a row. I guess that proves that if you want someone funny to follow on Weibo, your first choice should be him. He may not be the brightest crayon in the box (seriously… just check out some of his variety show appearances), but the boy sure knows how to work Weibo.

假期过的好吗?放个图 这里很眼熟吧~盗梦空间的场景 巴黎天气很好,在我们收工后才下起小雨

Moving on from bromance, let’s look at some celebs around the world! Here we have Liu Shishi in Inception… er… I mean, France…

Is your holiday going well? Here’s a photo. This place is very familiar~ A setting in Inception. Paris weather is very good, it only started raining a little after we’d finished working.

严屹宽: 继续毛国游 @杜若溪

Yan Kuan and fiancee Du Ruoxi are off vacationing in Mauritius (I think?). They look like they’re having fun, although the ostriches in their photos look either supremely bored or supremely shocked, depending on which photo you look at. (Check out the source for more!)

Continuing vacation in Mauritius. @Du Ruoxi

吴奇隆TD: 終於抱到考拉了 比想象中可愛多了 毛茸茸的依偎在我的懷中 像小孩子一樣

Cuteness alert! Nicky Wu is in Australia at the moment (knowing him, it’s not for vacation), and of course the first thing you do in Australia is look for a koala to latch onto…

Finally hugged a koala. Even cuter than I imagined. It’s so hairy and snuggles up to my chest. Just like a child.

微博澳洲: #吴奇隆澳洲奇遇记#老大,你上辈子就是考拉吧!!怎么看你们都像两兄弟呀 一样的萌,一样的可爱

Even better… Nicky acting like a koala! This almost screams of secondhand embarrassment, but it’s so cute you just can’t feel embarrassed for him.

#Nicky Wu’s Record of Australian Adventures# Boss, you must have been a koala in your past life!! No matter how you look at it, you’re like two brothers, equally cute.

马天宇: 我已长发及腰。。。。。。。

And in a post that does not relate to any of the previous ones: Ma Tianyu makes us all envious with his long locks. (Yuan Hong started it.) Is it just me, or does he kinda look like Tang Yan from this angle and with all that hair?

My hair has already reached my waist…

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  1. What is it with Mark Chao and bromances? For example his character and Vic Chou’s in the Pizi Yingxiong tv series.
    Nicky Wu was lucky to have picked up such a docile koala. Though generally sleepy they sometimes stress out when you touch them and scratch!

  2. I love this post of Weibo Wed., so many funny ones this time!!! HEHEHE personally I’m glad you posted LGX three times in a row, love all of his pics! :D And Nicky with a Koala, so cute! Oh and Ma Tian Yu…………………..he is prettier than me…

  3. Thanks for the Weibo Wednesdays! I love reading them, and that koala is just *love*. And wow, did not realize Ma Tianyu in that photo.

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