Zhou Xun wears the coolest dresses for Elle

To compensate for the recent absence of Photoshoot Fridays, have two photo shoots in a row! For those of you who have read the Hunger Games, if I had been in a violent mood, I would have had Johanna’s reaction to the dress in the feature photo: “So gorgeous, I wanted to reach through the screen and tear it right off [her] back.”

…But, seriously, some of these clothes are really unusual; there’s one that looks like it was made of origami pieces! Of course, Zhou Xun is as lovely as usual. The actress is currently filming for her upcoming drama Red Sorghum. 

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4 thoughts on “Zhou Xun wears the coolest dresses for Elle

  1. Omg, that one dress really does look like it’s made of origami papers!!! I had to look close-up to see all of the cool detail! *W* So creative!

  2. le sigh…. sometimes I feel the fashion industry is made to find new ways to tick off the cleaners!! >:)

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