Dong Xuan for Bazaar

Laure Shang and Zhou Xun aren’t the only ones who can sport technicolor hair. Dong Xuan is prettily whimsical as a purple-head in this shoot for Bazaar, occasionally joined by a long-haired Gao Yunfan (her husband). I want to describe this look as Bohemian; which one is your favorite? Look under the cut for more stills. 

7 thoughts on “Dong Xuan for Bazaar

  1. I have no idea how this style would be described. It’s something a bit different from Bohemian since it has those long evening gloves and the platform shoes….

    • I think it’s mostly the head scarf in the third picture (with the fish hook) that makes it seem Bohemian? I would probably describe the photoshoot as just whimsical.

  2. This photoshoot gives off a Zhou Xun-like fairy feel, and reminds me a bit of one of Zhou Xun’s old photoshoots where she’s dancing around in a green wig in a going green issue.
    Also this makes me really want to dye my hair purple.

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