Li Bingbing for Vogue

I love the quiet, meditative feeling of these pictures. Li Bingbing makes me want to buy all of the coats she’s wearing – though, actually, from how cold she seems, maybe these designer goodies are prettier than they are functional (or Bingbing is just a good actress).

Li Bingbing is also joining the host of C-stars (Yan Kuan, Liu Yifei, Yang Mi…) as a representative of an online video game. You should take a look at a few stills here – it’s unbelievable how well she fits into that world; she looks just like a digital illustration…

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11 thoughts on “Li Bingbing for Vogue

  1. It’s no secret East Asians have a preference for big round eyes and white skin. The few entertainers with single eyelids are usually mocked for their small eyes by netizens and the Chinese media.

    • People are mocked all over the world for stuff. Every society has features they prefer and idealize. It’s also no secret that some people like bullying others. You’re gonna be criticized whether you are perfect or not. The most that can be done is to make sure you, yourself, don’t succumb too much to those pressures. Part of this means not giving into the criticisms out there. The other part is to recognize when you are going too far in the opposite direction and overcompensating for the pressures.

  2. The video game stills are pretty, but her eyes look too western and devoid of chinese flavor.
    Chinese-american Julie Chen was told she had to have eyelid surgery to look less Chinese in order to suceed as a newscaster. How ironic that the same situation exists in. China.

    • A lot of Chinese people have natural double eyelids too though.
      Actually, I think that Chinese people in Western entertainment can actually get away with having “smaller” eyes than they would in the Chinese entertainment. Chinese actresses in Western entertainment also look more tan than Chinese actresses in Chinese entertainment…
      LIke, Brenda Song, Julie Chen, Jamie Chung. Put one of their names into google images, and then put Yang Mi or Tong LIya’s name into a different window.

      • I totally agree with your point, but just an FYI Brenda Song is not Chinese, she is Hmong-Thai, and Jamie Chung is Korean-American.

        • Haha, sorry, I was thinking of Asian-Americans, but wasn’t thinking when I replied. How embarrassing!~ -____-

    • I don’t know what “Chinese flavor” means …. People are going to be different, especially in the country with the largest population of the world. Just like how it’s problematic to say that people should look more “Western,” I think it’s equally problematic to complain if people don’t “look Chinese” enough.

      Also, her style of double-eyelids is much more common amongst Asians than Westerners. Angelababy’s the only Chinese celeb I can think of off the top of my head who is Han Chinese and has Western double eyelids.

      Plus, large eyes isn’t a Western thing. Some psychologist believe that in general, people are more attracted to features that are either signs of sexual maturity, or very infantile features. Tall cheekbones are a sign of the former, and large eyes the latter.

    • I think you’re taking the argument too far. If you really look, there’s a wide variety of eye shapes that Chinese people possess. To tell you the truth, Fan Bingbing’s aren’t that bad and there’s a lot you can do with make-up. Give people some room.

  3. Wow all of these pictures are so pretty!!! You are right, they do have a meditative sort of feeling to them. Usually I don’t really get much of a feeling from fashion photoshoots but this one is more expressive. I love the red coat & the purple coat!

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