Jimmy Lin, Tian Liang compete for cutest child-dad combo

Jimmy Lin and Kimi, not related to Qiao Renliang.

Cute fathers, cute children, cuteness overload! Following their success with the I am Singer remake, Hunan TV will remake MBC’s “Dad, Where are we going? 爸爸去哪儿” to replace Super Boys beginning next Friday. The reality show will feature five celebrity fathers – Jimmy Lin, Tian Liang, ZHang Liang, Guo Tao and Wang Yuelun – as they go on adventures with their kids.

Diver-actor Tian Liang with his daughter with singer-actress Ye Yiqian.

Wow this is a terrible photo of the supermodel hottie. Try him instead in Fu Xinbo’s MV here.

Director Wang Yuelun (Fall in Love with Zhang Han) with his daughter with host-producer Li Xiang.

9 thoughts on “Jimmy Lin, Tian Liang compete for cutest child-dad combo

  1. Yeeee so adorable! *crosses fingers for Xiao Xiao Bin / Xiao Bin Bin appearance (even though XXB isn’t that good on these shows imo)* Anyone have other child-dad combos that they’re dying to see? I suppose it’s too much to expect Chen Kun and son, lol.

    • Chen Yufan and his son! I remember seeing their commercial all the time when I was in China over the summer.
      Nicholas Tse’s kids are all the cutest, and I think them going on a show is a little more likely than Chen Kun bringing his son into the public (Nic+ Chen Kun + both of their kids together would be an explosion of cuteness)
      Also apparently Wu Zun just announced he’s a father, and his wife’s pregnant for a second child?

      • …..Chen Kun and Wu Zun each have kids (and are married)?! This is what happens when you take a short hiatus from entertainment news. Man all this time I thought Wu Zun was a bachelor….

  2. I’ve seen a few eps of the Korean one, and that’s super adorable, hope this one turns out just as good, although for the teaser I wish they’d gone for something a bit more natural, without the costumes just so we could see some of the antics the audience can look forward to.

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