Boybands get younger with TF Boys


Is RTA too old for you? There’s always  TF Boys!

While the rest of us gets older, boybands just seem to get younger. From the mature Yu Quan, the youthful BoBo, and then the babyfaced RTA, and now … TF Boys?  The new group, with one 14-year-old and two soon-to-be 13-year-olds, is the first in a series of planned groups from the new Chongqing-based TF Entertainment that focuses on young trainees. Have their cuteness won you over?  
Their  MV, starting at love。 Profiles from baike below the cut.

Name: Yi Yangqianxi (易烊千玺)
Birthday: November 11, 2000
Interests: singing, dancing, calligraphy, Hulusi, Taekwondo, face-shifting in Sichuanese opera

Name: Wang Yuan (王源)
Birthdate: September 8, 2000
Weight: 45kg
Favorite subject (you know how young they’re when that’s a question): Chinese
Least favorite subject: math
Favorite artists: Jay Chou, JJ Lin, Justin Bieber

Name: Wang Junkai (王俊凯)
Birthdate: September 21, 1999
Weight: 51kg
Favorite subject: math
Least favorite subject: PE
Favorite book: Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Favorite musicians: Jay Chou, Laure Shang, Fan Weiqi, RTA Youth

49 thoughts on “Boybands get younger with TF Boys

  1. OMG!! FAV BAND OF ALLLLLL TIME!!!!!! Especially LOVE KarryWangJunKai! I’m Chinese-American, so I understand both languages they sing in. Love their songs, and they’re such an inspiration! Inspired my friends and me to do something we would’ve never dreamed of doing. Thanks so much, TFBOYS!!!

  2. the date of your birthday it is wrong.

    Wang Junkai 21-september-1999
    Wang Yuan 8-november-2000
    Yi Yangquianxi 28-november-2000

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