Weibo Wednesday: October 2, 2013

何炅: 翻出了1997年毛毛虫的照片,下面是今年的……

Is this an adorable caterpillar or is this an adorable caterpillar? Hunan TV host He Jiong may think he’s getting old, but if this pic is anything to go by, he doesn’t look much older now than he did 16 years ago.

I got out the caterpillar photo from 1997. The one underneath is this year’s…

黄晓明: 请教盖茨比如何高端大气上档次的生活…

I bet none of you care, but heartthrobs Huang Xiaoming and Leonardo DiCaprio met in Qingdao while attending some celebrity event. LOL at the people taking pictures of them from behind. Xiaoming also recently won a Golden Rooster Best Actor Award (well, co-won it with Zhang Guoli) for his portrayal of a country-bumpkin-turned-entrepreneur in American Dreams in China (中国合伙人).

I ask Gatsby for guidance on how to have a high-end, magnanimous, high-quality life.

陈坤: 最近尝试了一下OPPO N1,能够旋转的摄像头让手机拍照多了些变化,自拍,内什么,也瞬间专业了。

Ah, it seems even celebs aren’t immune to the draw of technology. But we don’t mind, as long as they post cute selcas, like Chen Kun is doing here! Wonder if he should ask to get advertising payment for this…

I recently tried out the OPPO N1, its rotating camera brought a lot of changes to cell phone photography. Selcas and such became professional in a moment.

Quick Weibo terminology lesson of the week: Chen Kun uses nei shen me (内什么), which is the Beijing way of saying na shen me (那什么), a phrase that allows the speaker to gather his or her thoughts before continuing to speak. The term nei shen me became popular on Weibo after Faye Wong used it in her post announcing her divorce with Li Yapeng.

刘亦菲: 倒倒立 有益健康 不会痴呆

I have no explanation for this post, except that it’s Liu Yifei (and some guy) doing a handstand. Maybe they’re taking after Ivy Chen?

Handstands are good for your health, so you won’t get dementia

陈翔橙: 祝大家节日快乐。成都的朋友们一会签售见 提前告诉你们一个秘密。 我长痘痘了

Chen Xiang with bedhead! Or as close to bedhead as we’re going to get from a celebrity. Read on to find out why he’s covering his forehead…

Happy holiday to everyone. Friends in Chengdu, see you soon at the signing. I’ll tell everyone a secret in advance. I have a zit.

林更新: 狄,你什么都不必说,我懂

And we’ll end this week’s selection with everyone’s favorite topic: bromance! Lin Gengxin and Mark Chao, who are currently promoting their film Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon (狄仁杰前传之神都龙王), reportedly got along super well on set, which I can definitely believe, seeing as Lin Gengxin seems to get along well with pretty much everyone (except Tangren). Here they share a happy moment together on set.

Dee, you don’t have to say anything. I understand.

林更新: 可以简短的为这幅图片配上一段话吗?

Even cuter is this caption contest that Lin Gengxin posted, in which he is shown making a face as Mark Chao tries to romance Angelababy in the background. Mark even replied to this, with something along the lines of, “Who does he think he is?” Anyone have any caption ideas?

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