Chen Xiao double-cast as Yang Guo and Yang Kang in upcoming Return of the Condor Heroes

How many people are going to watch this for Chen XIao?

Previously, Li Chen had been slated to play Yang Kang in Yu Zheng’s upcoming Return of the Condor Heroes. He has, as of now, withdrawn from the drama,though Mu Nianci remaiins Zhao Liying. Chen Xiao will be taking on a double role instead- in addition to the protagonist Yang Guo, Chen XIao will also play the father Yang Kang. This guarantees us at least a few scenes where Yang Guo is not dressed like a ragbag, given Yang Kang’s lofty position as an adopted Jin prince. I have the sneaking suspicion that some people will watch the first episode to see him romance Mu Nianci/Zhao Liying, and roll away as soon as Yang Guo’s arc with Michelle CHen’s little Dragon Maiden starts. Look below the cut for more Chen XIao, Vianne Zhang, and Michelle Chen (Plus a little bonus behind the scenes with Chen XIao and Zhao Liying!).

Update: Two more attractive Chen Xiao pictures added. 

Chen Xiao seems unable to believe the combination of good and bad choices in this production…

This drama has been like Chen Xiao’s expressions: Eye candy, “are you serious,” eye candy, “this is ridiculous.”

(Not sure what this is…? It does seem ominous, however…)

Okay, let’s end this on a good note.


17 thoughts on “Chen Xiao double-cast as Yang Guo and Yang Kang in upcoming Return of the Condor Heroes

  1. chen xiao n michelle chen make a good couple.. love them.. this drama is awesome

  2. Really like Xiao in The Legend of Lu Zhen, He was perfectly handsome, and his expression in that drama, he and Zhao Li Ying made a good couple. I’ll definitely watch the parts where he and Yi Ling together lolzzzz

  3. I WILL BE WATCHING THIS FOR XIAOXIAO. The only thing keeping me from it now is the fact that so few of Yu Zheng’s productions have yet to amaze me. The Swordsman remake was a complete fail…
    Chen Xiao looks like he really needs a shower and some new clothes.
    The weird expressions don’t suit him although it does make me laugh! He’s royal Gao Zhan *_*

  4. I wish they styled Chen Xiao like how they did in Legend of Lu Zhen. He looks SO good in traditional clothing like that without the bangs. Like everyone else, I don’t think Michelle Chen was the best choice for XLN but I’m glad it was her and not Angelababy… & I actually like her Before PS picture than the after…the after one looks to fake.

  5. Well, if Michelle’s going for the cute, smiley version of XLN, I guess she’s doing okay in that regard. But o___O at the obvious Photoshopping everywhere.

  6. Any news about who’s playing Guo Xiang? She (Yang Mi) was my favorite female from the 2006 version. Even if XLN doesn’t work out, Yang Guo might still have a cute relationship with Guo Xiang. And there’s always the Chen Xiang- Zhang Xinyu to look forward to.

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