Li Yuchun, Zhou Bichang, 10 years of Super Girls/Boys reunite


“Eight years, we’ve grown up, have you?”- Li Yuchun

Celebrating 10 years of the Super Girls/Boys franchise, Hunan TV’s finale of the 2013 Super Boys was a tearjerker on all sides as old contestants reunite and remeet.  Some of the most touching moments include Li Yuchun and Zhou Bichang’s hug on stage, He Jiong and Wang Han talking about their ten years of hosting the show, and a group song by past Super Boys/Girls. 

Li Yuchun: “Two things. First thing, we love you, Bai Jugang. Second thing, on this stage, I still think the person standing next to her should be me. No offense. Everyone in the audience, in front of the TV, it’s been eight years. Me and my little fellow grew up, what about you? We started from here, and have been following our dreams since 2005. Are you still pursuing your dreams? Jiayou!”

Zhou Bichang: Let youth continue to burn!

Super Girls and Boys sing theme song, how many do you recognize?


Super Girls/Boys from every year , starting with Zhang Hanyun in 2004 (After 10 years, she’s still only 24!)

In addition to the two meeting, this year has seen an unprecedented amount of old contestants coming back. So far o, we’ve seen Jiang Yingrong , Laure Shang, Chen Chusheng, Zeng Yike, Wei Chen, Yu Kewei performing. 25 others also came from the finale, where they sung theme songs from each year:


He Jiong tears up in a hug with Li Yuchun, Zhou Bichang, and Wang Han.

The other tear point was He Jiong and Wang Han, who’s been hosting the show since the start. Later, He Jiong said: “Today, both Chunchun and Bibi just happen to be wearing skirts. Back in the days, getting them to wear skirts was harder than reaching the sky for our directors. So much have changed, but me and the old fellow (Wang Han) next to me are still here.” When Wang Han said that every year, the contestants are always so young, but they’ve grown white hairs, He Jiong replied, “I cried because you’ve grown old.”

I think this is such a great year for the reunion because this is  the most harmonious group of Super Girls/Boys ever, even better than the 2007 Super Boys that still have frequent reunions. The top 6 especially are such good friends that their fanclubs would send couple outfits presents to other contestants.  In fact, the 5to3 contest was billed by Youku as a “heartbreaking splitting of couples” round. And true to its word, the most hilarious sweet  moment was when Yu Tian got eliminated by Hua Chenyu, and everyone went to comfort the winner because he was more distraught. Then, Ning Huanyu and Bai Jugang were so in tears they couldn’t finish their next songs.  And finally,  Bai Jugang dedicated and sung his entire PK song to his PK partner Ning Huanyu, much to the dismay of his fans who just stared at his back the entire time.

My other favorite moment of the finale was when 2007 Super Boy Lu Hu had to vote for the winner, and he said that whoever wins, the most important thing is that the top 10 stood there for an entire night for him, and when they need help in the future, he has to stand up for them.  So much friendship and love. Cannot handle!

Oh, by the way, the winner is the obviously most musically talented of the group,   Hua Chenyu. Congratulations!

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  1. Aw, I don’t watch Superboys/girls, but this sounds really cute! …Can someone explain what this quote means? “Second thing, on this stage, I still think the person standing next to her should be me.” (I don’t get it…)

    • I think it’s just saying that she thinks the two of them (BIbi+Chunchun) should be together on the Super Boys/Girls stage, not Bibi with someone else.

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