Fan Bingbing is a movie star for L’Officiel

Guys, this is the face of a woman who uses over 700 (2 a day) face masks a year (check out this recent interview she was in, thanks to Benji for finding it). She’s quite glamorous in crimped waves for this newest photo shoot with L’Officiel. Oh, she’s also going to be playing Yang Guifei in an upcoming movie…(source). At the same time Michelle Chen is being scorned as too plump, Fan Bingbing is being scolded for being too skinny.

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6 thoughts on “Fan Bingbing is a movie star for L’Officiel

  1. Fan Bing Bing ALWAYS looks like a movie star in her photoshoots! She has a classic feel to her here. And omg, I can’t even fathom 700 face masks a year.

    • I think she’s pretty well suited to play Yang Guifei though…she has the “ooh so gorgeous” look~ (And she looks so young; she can definitely play a young Guifei -____- …Haha, I don’t really have a set impression of Yang Guifei…)

      I wonder if she switches all the time (today, Cherry blossom, tomorrow, black pearl, etc) of if she mass-buys a hundred of the same at a time xD

      • Yeah, but Yang Guifei isn’t skinny, she has a lot of curves. In fact, there’s even an idiom, 环肥燕瘦, that is usually used to indicate that people of all sizes and types can be beautiful in their own way. It’s literally translated as “curvy like Yang Guifei, or thin like Zhao Feiyan”

        • I remember seeing a picture of Fan Bingbing a while back and it looked like she had put on some weight. Maybe that was in preparation for this role? Or maybe it was just a bad picture… dunno…

        • OMG… omg… you’ve probably already heard but this reminds me!!! :)

          Have you heard the joke about the four beauties!?! It’s a cruel joke but it’s about how each of the four beauties had their defects like Xi Shi having big feet so she had to wear platform shoes so people wouldn’t see her huge feet and Wang Zhao Jun it was something about her shoulders… either being lopsided or too large so she wore shawls and used capes to cover this defect and how Diao Chan had no ear lobes so she wore ear huge earrings to cover this defect and Yang Gui Fei had terrible body odor so she took lots of scented baths and used perfume.

          There’s also that saying, linked below, about how Xi Shi sinks fish with her beauty and Wang Zhaojun makes birds fall from the sky with her beauty and how Diao Chan makes the moon hide away in embarrassment and how Yang Gui Fei makes flowers turn away in shame.

          Can’t remember completely since it’s from a while back but somebody put the two together into this terrible joke about how Xi Shi’s feet were so huge that if she moved them, you wouldn’t be able to see the fish, either because they were so huge they covered them or because she caused them to sink since her feet were so large… or something like that… and the reason the birds fell from the sky for Wang Zhaojun was to land on her huge shoulders. I think Diao Chan’s was, since small earlobes are seen as signs that you will have a bad life in Chinese culture, about her causing such catastrophe that the moon disappears… and Yang Guifei’s was that the flower’s weren’t turning away from shame but wilting due to her B.O.


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