More stills from Realm of Love – Long Ballad

Ruby Lin plays the model empress Yin Lihua.

Ruby Lin, starring in her latest self-produced drama has picked herself a cast full of eye candy again. Not only does she have Yuan Hong, she also has Kenny Kwon looking very good so far as the hypotenuse in that love triangle; there are also plenty of other gorgeous men in armor. Fun fact: Ruby Lin’s character, Yin Lihua, is the empress who gave birth to the greatest number of imperials sons in Chinese history (five!). …She shares this “honor” with Guo Shentong, who was her husband’s other empress.

A lot more pictures here. Look below the cut for more pictures!

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    • Nope, that’s Wang Nuanke. She plays Guo Shentong, who will probably be Ruby’s main romantic rival~

        • I think she’ll probably be the evil, scheming one who becomes the Empress first but loses it eventually because she’s such a pain and then just fades out of the picture,,, if they follow historical record…

            • But you have to have “evil” or “misunderstood” characters or else the drama would be so boring…. nobody would watch! It’s just you have to balance it just write or make their descent into evil believable like they did in Zhen Huan Zhuan. We may have ground our teeth at Hua Fei and the Empress but at the end of the day, we could understand them. We may not agree with everything they did 100% but it’s understandable and believable what they did.

    • Her dramas actually have pretty much the same production team as Yu Zheng (Huanrui Century Film), and I think it’s been a while since an ancient romance-focused drama has been as well produced as Schemes of a Beauty, so I would have to disagree.

      • From a costume standpoint, I think these are a bit more historically accurate than the ones in Mei Ren Xin Ji… I mean, I had a real problem with some of the head pieces from MRXJ because they were so… asymmetrical and too creatively done and… just didn’t look like they fit into the era if you get my drift (especially the ones on minor characters and the later end of the drama)… Some of the hair styles were also just a no for me and picturing it with the era for similar reasons… too asymmetrical, had weird edges to them, plastic-looking hair pins, etc. Also, some of the patterns on the textiles weren’t completely in line as well… especially the clothing on more minor characters… (I feel like I’m such a mean, picky @$$…)

        On the other hand, some of the head pieces and hair styles in here remind me of the Admonitions Scroll… and the textile patterns are reminiscent of the era like the Mawangdui tomb textiles with all the abstract swirlies… there’s obvious creative liberties but there’s the semblance. Somebody’s been doing research! Based on what I see, I approve!

        I think it’s a bit unfair to compare to MRXJ because things change and improve with time… However, I have no problem comparing to YZG costuming since the timing is pretty close. Based on what I am seeing, I have to give credit to Ruby for research. YZG has more colorful cloth designs but they don’t really fit the era and basic principles of Chinese clothing for the times (darker colors were supposed to be worn to more formal occasions) Also, YZG still has the creative hairstyles still… not as bad but they’re still there… They may both use the same company but some of the business ethics (attempts at adhering to historical record and traditions, etc.) and other differences between the two groups definitely show through.

        • Also, did you see the filming picture? They re-created the Han dynasty “girl holding the lantern” lamp. Have to give them some credit.

      • Don’t watch it unless you have to. I still don’t believe we have the capabilities to realistically film in the Tang dynasty or any era around that time as well as we can do the Ming, Qing, and Han dynasties… the main sore point is that we don’t have believable backdrops for Tang-era buildings.

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