Super Boys preserve youth and passion in opening MV

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Do you recollect when you begun to grow old?

Not only is the message beautiful and filming  impeccable  for the latest opening for the  2013 Super Boys , but the entrance itself  blends with the opening clip.    eeMedia’s N13 visual workshop has made great use of on-stage black and white this Super Boys before with Poker Face, and uses it again this time to connect the opening clip and the entrance, but now to show the contrast  between the bright red passion of the boys versus the gray world.   Watch it below and translations below the cut.

By: Wu Mengzhi
Do you recollect when you begun to grow old?
Beginning when, did you take everything for granted?
Beginning when, did you lose passion for daily life?
Many people begin to grow old very early.
I’ve been to many places, but I’ve only met a few of us.
Without dreams, how are we different from a preserved fish?
Singing, always singing, perhaps that’ll prevent the silent rotting.
Facing a confused world, let us guard a cathedral of youth.
Who you are, decides your final baseline
Please try to stay young longer.
Preserve always, the passion.

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